Do Not Delay Basement Water Removal - For The Sake of Your Home Act Fast When Your Basement is Wet

Flood cleanup should never be procrastinated because a wet basement can turn into structural and air quality problems for a home quickly.

If you have water problems due to a leaky water heater, a busted pipe, or flooding for any other reason call in the professionals at CCS Restoration Services to completely turn around your disaster area using professional equipment made for fast the fast and complete drying of every wet area.

Flooded Basement

CCS Restoration has been the best Restoration company in Southern Minnesota for over two decades. We are IICRC certified and use the best modern equipment available today. Our experience, training, and technology insures that your home will not have any residual damage after we do a complete flood clean up.

Basement water removal is a multi-step process that we have down to an art.

  1. We first use high powered pumps to remove all standing water.
  2. When the majority of the water is removed we use industrial air movers to rapidly dry the area before your structure and wood flooring has time to soak in the water and warp.
  3. Then we use safe for the home, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial treatments to insure that there is no mold growth and foul odors.

Flood Damage

The faster you act and start the process of flood cleanup, the better chances there are of minimal damage. If needed we can replace or repair damaged sections of the home so you can return to your normal life quickly.


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