There’s nothing quite like a rug to brighten up a room! Rugs can add a pop of color to an otherwise drab interior space, which changes the vibe and composition of the room instantly; not to mention, they feel so fluffy and soft underfoot. Plus, they’re functional, as they keep dirt, water, and debris off of costly hardwood floors and generally make your day-to-day cleaning routines a little bit easier.


Being the first line of defense between your floor and tracked-in grime is never an easy job. This statement is especially true if you have children or pets. We all know how chaotic and messy kids can be, and unfortunately, the family dog or cat can be even more so. After all, there’s a reason many homeowners choose not to invest in white carpet.


That aside, don’t forget to show your household rugs some love! A well-cleaned rug lasts longer and looks nicer. Don’t know how to take care of your rugs when your house is Mess Central? Below, CCS Cleaning and Restoration, a residential cleaning service and expert in rug cleaning, discusses how to keep your rugs cleaner for longer when you’re living with spirited kids, sloppy dogs, or shedding cats.

Pets and Rugs: They Can Coexist (With a Little Work!)

Anyone who has owned a dog can attest to how much turmoil they can generate between the muddy paws, sopping slobber, and hair. So much hair. Even little dogs can wreak significant havoc on your rugs, and we won't even get started on potty training puppies. However, when it comes to pets, cats can be just as messy, especially if you own a longhair cat or forget to clean the litter box. The messes cats make also tend to be a little more difficult to clean up (and some might say a little more spiteful!) than your typical dog dirt.


While a rug can protect your hardwood or other flooring from all of this chaos, it takes the brunt of the blow. What can you do, in between professional rug cleaning service sessions, to keep things fresh?


●        Invest in a baby gate | While these tend to be used for human babies, they work just as well to keep fur-babies out of any given room, which keeps them off of any expensive rugs. However, the family dog, especially if it’s bonded to you, might bark or whimper when forced to stay behind a gate. Do your best to ignore this behavior, as interacting with the dog when it whines only reinforces his anxiety upon your departure, which can actually result in an indoor accident! Try to make staying behind the gate a happy experience for your dog by leaving his favorite treat or an article of clothing that smells like you, instead of offering constant reassurance. Your rugs and the rest of your home will thank you.

●        Keep cat litter boxes clean | Cats are fastidious creatures, as anyone who knows one will tell you. Most felines will use their litter box without fail, with one important caveat: many cats will refuse to use a dirty litter box and will instead choose to go in less desirable places, like your freshly cleaned rug. Scoop out your cat’s litter box daily to prevent this. However, if your cat continues to use the bathroom where he shouldn’t, a medical condition or stress could be to blame. You could also have too few litter boxes for the number of cats in your home. One box per cat is generally enough to keep the peace.

●        Clean up spills as soon as they happen | If your dog tracks in mud, your bird has an accident, or your cat hacks up a hairball, don’t delay; time is of the essence! You must act quickly to prevent your rug from losing pigment or the stain from setting. Invest in a quality pet-specific stain remover, and tackle messes as soon as they crop up.


With a little fast action and proactive maintenance, your rugs and pets can happily coexist. However, we recommend periodic professional area rug cleaning, just to keep things looking nice. Moreover, in the case of training accidents, any residual excrement scent can encourage your pet to go in the same area again. Cleaning services, when combined with proper training measures, can help stop these problems before they begin.

Children and Rugs: It’s as Simple as Enforcing Boundaries

In many respects, teaching your kids to respect your expensive area rugs is much easier than training your pets. It’s as easy as putting your foot down.


“No shoes in the house” is always a solid place to start. Enforce a strict no-food rule in appropriate areas, such as the living room, and stick to the punishments you administer. Making kids clean up their own spills can teach a lesson in responsibility and help them understand what it means to be accountable for one’s actions.


That being said, be fair to your children. Make sure that before any misdeed has been committed, your kids are well aware of what consequences will follow, should they choose to be irresponsible. It’s also unreasonable to expect perfection from young children, and don’t expect a stain-free rug in the kitchen or dining room unless you hire professional cleaning services to fix it up.


With proper boundaries, you can teach your children to respect your area rugs and keep them looking fresh for months between professional cleanings.


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