With winter in full swing, things are getting busy! Holiday parties for homeowners and end-of-year budgeting for businesses means there isn’t a ton of time to think about things we take for granted, such as our plumbing.


Yes, plumbing! When was the last time you thought about this ever-so-important modern convenience? Hopefully, before the frost sets in, and hopefully, you winterized your property properly to prevent every homeowner and business owner’s nightmare: burst pipes. Cold temperatures and ice formation are hard on plumbing, which causes ruptures in your piping’s metal that can lead to water spewing everywhere, which ruins everything from your floors to your walls and causes severe water damage. Of course, that situation is less than ideal, so to spare you the anxiety, we won’t even get into the threat of lasting mold damage that comes with it!


Unfortunately, even with the most thorough winterization procedures, burst pipes remain a very real threat here in ice-cold Minnesota. It’s crucial for homeowners and business owners alike to know how to recover from them. Below, CCS Cleaning and Restoration, professional providers of water damage restoration and cleaning services, explains how to recover from the damage a burst pipe wreaks upon your home and business.

The First Step is to Stop Any More Damage!

Upon hearing running water and realizing a burst pipe has flooded any given room in your home or business, your first reaction could naturally be panic. How much damage has already been done? How much will this cost you to repair? Your carpet is already squelching underneath your feet. Who knows how much the water has soaked through the walls, and can’t someone get all the electronics out of here?


Take it from a professional water clean-up company. Panic is natural, but it’s not the way to handle such a dire situation. You must take action!


●        Shut off the pipe | Try to bypass your anxiety enough to remember this crucial step. Locate the valve that controls the water flow to the given pipe and shut it off. If you can’t find the corresponding valve, or if you’re worried about turning the wrong one and making the problem worse, go straight to your entire water supply’s shutoff valve and cut the flow from there. If you aren’t aware of where this is on your property, stop what you’re doing, and go find it now. In an emergency, prompt water shutoff can help prevent extensive damage.

●        Remove any immediate hazards and valuables | Remember those electronics we mentioned earlier? If it’s safe to do so, after turning off your home or business’s electricity supply, rescue your electronics from the flooded area. The same goes for hazardous cleaning chemicals, furniture, and other valuables. Your safety is the top priority in this situation. Don’t hesitate to get out of the room and stay far away from the carnage if your or anyone else’s well-being is threatened.

●        Clean up as much water as you can. The scene may seem bleak, but doing what you can to get rid of excess water is absolutely necessary, even if the task seems hopeless. If you have a wet vacuum, now’s the time to use it. However, never use a vacuum for water that isn’t specifically designed to handle it. You risk electrocution and ruining the device. If you have multiple people available to help, give them a towel, and tell them to start mopping. The task will become much easier and less distressing when you have support.


At the end of the day, despite all the steps you can take to tame the situation, you’ll probably need to contact a water damage repair company to help with the remediation and clean-up—for safety and sanitation’s sake.

Contact a Company with 24-Hour Service like CCS Cleaning and Restoration

When it comes to water damage, time is of the essence. Water that is allowed to seep down to the carpet padding and behind your wall’s trim can quickly lead to unpleasant odors and warping of any wood in the area, as well as put strain on your home or business’s infrastructure. The longer this water is left to stand, the higher of a chance you’ll be dealing with high repair costs. There also exists a greater chance of your family or employees suffering adverse health effects, such as respiratory problems, due to mold. Water damage is no joke. It can have real and lasting consequences.


That’s why, before you begin to mop up any water you find, give CCS Cleaning and Restoration a call. Our emergency services are available 24-hours a day, and our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced professionals can efficiently remove not-so-obvious pockets of water that could lead to long-term damage.


Are you struggling with water damage repairs? Don’t delay. Contact CCS Cleaning and Restoration now at our Faribault office by calling 507-334-1774.