Welcome to the new decade! If you haven’t had a professional cleaning service go over your home or business for the holidays, what better way to ring in the brand new year than with a deep carpet cleaning or rug cleaning? It leaves the whole room feeling brighter, cleaner, and fresher, which is the perfect air with which to celebrate 2020 if we do say so ourselves!


However, even if you know the wonders of a freshly cleaned carpet firsthand, you might find yourself wondering if a professional carpet cleaning is right for your home or business. Should you invest the money in a different facet of cleaning services? Can professional carpet cleaning pay dividends in the long run? There are seemingly countless questions to ask about the process, and oftentimes, it can feel that the answers to those questions come in the form of even more questions!


While CCS Cleaning and Restoration, a provider of janitorial services and cleaning services, can’t make the decision regarding carpet cleaning for you, we are experts in it. This means that we’re all-too-familiar with the signs that a carpet direly needs cleaning. We describe these signs below.

It’s Not Just Dirt that Indicates a Need for Carpet Cleaning

If we even think about our carpets on a day-to-day basis, we’re usually primarily concerned with their cleanliness. While dirty carpet is definitely a sign that it’s time for a deep cleaning, it can be objectively hard to judge if it’s time for professional cleaning services. After all, what might be a filthy carpet to one person might be perfectly acceptable to the next, and in neither case is either person wrong!


However, when it comes to your carpets, a professional carpet cleaning service affects more than just the cleanliness of your home. Therefore, you can use these facets as a more objective indicator of if your carpet is in need of professional help.


What are some indicators, aside from “dirtiness,” that it’s time for carpet cleaning?


●        Allergies that aren’t seasonally appropriate | Many people suffer from seasonal allergies that don’t have anything to do with their carpets at all. From pollen to insect bites, an allergy in any season can take many forms, and therefore, it can get better or worse depending on the season. Surprisingly, allergies that suddenly spring up when they typically don’t could be a sign that your carpet is in need of a deep cleaning. Carpet fibers can trap any number of allergens and irritants, which includes pollen and animal dander. This means that these substances can remain in your carpet long after allergy season has ended, effectively promoting a sort of year-round allergy season right inside your home or business! While excessive allergies aren’t a hard-and-fast sign your carpets need professional attention, it does pay to look into—especially when you consider all the money you’ll be spending on allergy pills.

●        Your carpet isn’t fluffy anymore | If your carpet used to feel like the softest thing in the universe, but lately has lost its luster in this respect, it could be in need of a deep clean. Particles of dirt that get stuck in the fibers can weigh those fibers down, which results in a lack of buoyancy and a generally flat appearance. However, carpet whose shape has changed also could be a victim of excess humidity or improper installation. If you’re not sure if dirt is what’s causing your flat carpet, a professional cleaning company like CCS Cleaning and Restoration can help. We’re just a call away.

●        Walking on your carpet is no longer a pleasurable experience | When you walk barefoot on your carpet, you should be struck by how soft and comfortable it feels. As a home or business owner, you deserve the very best out of each and every investment you make toward your very substantial asset, and this line of thinking is applicable to your carpeting. If you hardly notice your carpet underneath your feet anymore—or, worse, you always notice how scratchy it feels—a deep clean from a professional carpet cleaning service could be just what you need. Remember, carpet is supposed to be luxurious and cushiony. That’s one of its biggest advantages over other types of flooring. Any other texture and something is most definitely wrong.

Still on the Fence? CCS Cleaning and Restoration can Help

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