Many people are familiar with the signs of moisture damage to their homes: the stains, the dank smell, the mold seeping into each and every crevice. When these same people think about the cause of the moisture damage, they may think of the more obvious ones, like a burst pipe, plumbing problems, or a massive household flood. Of course, all these things do cause water damage, and the smart homeowner is right to be wary of them and to take preventive action.

That being said, though, “obvious” isn’t the only flavor that the cause of water damage comes in.


Yes, indeed, the root of moisture-related issues isn’t always as point-blank as a pipe spewing water or an immense natural disaster. Water damage can be lurking in even the most well-kept of homes, all while soaking through organic materials, while weakening your home’s structural integrity, and providing an excellent breeding ground for mold.


Of course, the first step when you notice any moisture damage to your home is to call the professionals at CCS Cleaning and Restoration. Our talented team of cleaning technicians specializes in everything from mold remediation to carpet cleaning to more general water clean up. No matter the scale of your water damage, we’re here to help! The second step, though, is pinpointing what, exactly, caused that damage, which is a tricky task if the culprit is one of the more insidious ones we mentioned earlier. While our team will certainly help with this, and we’ll most likely encounter clues during our water damage repair sessions, it never hurts to start thinking about what could be the cause of your home’s water woes before we arrive.


We’ll discuss some less-than-obvious causes of water damage below, as well as a mindset that might help you pinpoint problems so sneaky we don’t even list them here!

Think of Your Home as a System

Your home is made up of countless parts—your roof, gutters, flooring, and insulation, for example—that all function to help one another do their individual jobs. For example, your roof relies on a clean gutter system in the wintertime to stop ice dams and to keep your attic’s insulation dry and functional. In a way, your home works like a complex, interdependent system. If something goes wrong with one part of your home, it can quickly cause things to go wrong in other parts, as those other parts no longer receive the protection or support they need to function properly.


While that’s a neat idea, what on earth does it mean for your water damage? Why are we, a professional cleaning service, talking about home maintenance?


Seeing your home as a system in this way can help you to pinpoint causes of water damage that are less glaring than an obviously burst pipe. By considering how all the parts of your home interact with one another, you can better see the full picture and zero in on the root cause of your water damage. It enables you to think long and hard about what part of your home might be ailing, and to repair and remediate it so as not to suffer more damage in the future.


Listing all the less-than-obvious causes of water damage would take far more space than is available in a single blog post, but here are a few for your consideration:


●        Ice dams | Aside from the hazards presented by falling icicles, the mere existence of ice dams can eventually cause water damage inside your attic and home. Caused by a complicated interaction between heat, snow, ice, and meltwater, they can create puddles of standing water that linger on your roof. That water seeps between your shingles, into your home and, presto, causes water damage. Proper gutter maintenance has been said to help prevent ice dams, which brings us to our next sneaky cause of water damage.

●        Faulty gutters | Your gutters direct rainwater away from your home’s walls. As the snow begins to melt off, if this part of your home isn’t up to snuff, it can result in unnecessary amounts of water dripping down your walls. In some cases, this damage can spread to your home’s interior. That’s when it’s time to give us a call!

●        A problematic air conditioner | If your air conditioner isn’t serviced periodically, moisture buildup can cause water damage in your home. Though we don’t usually think about our air conditioners in the chilly month of February, this cause of water damage still warrants a mention!


Water Damage? CCS Cleaning and Restoration is Here to Help

Water damage needs to be stopped and properly cleaned up before it can spread. At CCS Cleaning and Restoration, our team has the techniques and technology needed to do a deep clean of the ailing area. For intensive, intelligent water remediation, contact CCS Cleaning and Restoration of Faribault today at 507-334-1774.