As the world continues to change daily, many Americans have realized that keeping their homes and businesses clean not only feels nice, but is a necessity. Sanitation keeps people safe. With this in mind, it’s time to tackle spring cleaning the right way.


In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about why to hire a professional for your general spring cleaning, but where does your carpet fall in this equation? Certainly, there are plenty of services available that allow you to rent high-end steam cleaners and vacuums, or perhaps you think that your trusty home machine and a little bit of innovation and elbow grease can get the job done just fine. It’s this mindset that opens the door for improper carpet care, which allows problems like unseen mold and unsightly stains to fester and, in some cases, snowball. When it comes to carpet cleaning, professional carpet cleaning far outweighs the benefits of doing it yourself—especially if you hire CCS Cleaning and Restoration of Faribault, Minnesota.


Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of carpet cleaning services. We firmly believe that cleaning requires tact and skill to perform correctly, and we pride ourselves in demonstrating just this. From our thorough water damage remediation to our state-of-the-art upholstery cleaning techniques, we’ve made a name for ourselves in the professional cleaning services industry, and we’re ready and willing to lend our expertise to anyone in need. We have the know-how with over 50 years of combined experience, the keen eye, and the equipment to detect hidden problems as we clean, so that we can nip them in the bud. If you aren’t satisfied with your experience with us, we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We’ll even provide you with stain-removal advice or techniques that you can use on your own after we leave! Get your carpet clean as a whistle and learn from our two Master Textile Cleaners, which is an esteemed title within the carpet cleaning industry, how to prevent stains in the future.


Still not sold on getting your carpet professionally cleaned? Worry not. We have even more reasons for you to invest in this procedure.

Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning: Get It Done Right

You’re busy. We get it. Spring is a busy time on its own, what, with all the home maintenance and exterior cleaning that needs to get done. With as hard as you’re working to invest in your home’s upkeep, you owe it to yourself to make the process a little easier. With worry-free service from CCS Cleaning and Restoration, you not only get the help of high-end equipment, but that of a team who values customer service and who truly finds joy in lending a helping hand. Just point us in the direction of the carpet you need cleaned, and we’ll get right to work. You’re free to spend the time performing other home maintenance tasks. Think of all that you could accomplish with that extra time, and all the stress you’d save yourself from!


Why else should you, as a discerning home or business owner, invest in professional carpet cleaning?


●        Soothe your presentation-related anxieties | When we use our same old carpet cleaners over and over again, it can be easy to get complacent. You might resign yourself to a stain never coming out, and strategically ensuring that a piece of furniture is always over the area when an important client or relative comes to visit. You should never have to live this way, always running around worrying that somebody might see something that you cannot fix. Rest assured, though, if CCS Cleaning and Restoration can’t remove the stain, nobody can! You can relax when you know that the appearance of your home or business is in competent hands.

●        Get moving with your cleaning again | Face it: stains nag at your consciousness. If you’ve been trying to get moving on other household cleaning tasks, but have to return time and time again to your carpet to saturate it with cleaning fluid, it can leave you feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and incompetent. Skip the mental drama and hire the professionals for a professional-caliber job.

●        Overcome the inherent limitations of your vacuum cleaner | Of course, there’s nothing wrong with basic vacuum cleaning—for everyday messes, that is. We recommend hiring a professional for a deep carpet cleaning periodically, as the equipment they use is state-of-the-art. When cleanliness and sanitation are a priority to your home and a business, you’re far better off investing in a crew with the equipment that’s designed to handle the job, and with a crew that’s knowledgeable about said equipment. Even if you were to rent, using any new machine definitely comes with a learning curve.

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