Your home or business needs mold remediation. This is a difficult issue for any individual or business owner to confront. It’s scary to think about your home or facility being attacked by a threat you sometimes can’t even see – one which has so many connotations.


You probably have many questions. Did you not do a good enough job taking care of your building? Were you an incompetent head of the household or an inadequite business owner? Will your employees or family be safe when you’re cleared to move back in? What might this mean for how others think of your company or your family? And the most pressing question of all: Will your mold removal company get the task done right?


CCS Cleaning & Restoration is here to clear some things up. As professionals in the removal of mold and mildew, we can assure you:


●        Mold problems can happen to anyone, and they’re not always due to poor management on your part. For example, previous water damage or an aging building can set the stage for mold growth. The kingdom of fungi, which includes a wide variety of mold, is constantly evolving and changing. Staying ahead of that curve is sometimes impossible, even if you’re doing everything right.


●        Investing in mold testing is the smart thing to do. You detected a threat to your home or business, and you acted to keep them safe. This demonstrates your intelligence and responsibility. The fact that you’re reading this blog post shows an even higher degree of care, as you’re spending your own time researching so you know what to expect and can share peace of mind with your peers or family.


●        When you hire CCS Cleaning and Restoration, you can rest easy. Restoration services are our speciality. With our top-of-the-line equipment and decades of combined experience, we make the mold remediation process quick and stress-free. We care about your home or business, and we’ll do whatever we can to get you back into the space you love quickly.

When you work with CCS Cleaning & Restoration, you’ll always know the status of your project. We practice open communication and always let our clients know what we plan to do before we do it. In fact, that’s exactly what this blog post is all about! Keep reading to learn what the general mold remediation process looks like.

The Mold Remediation Process

The steps for mold remediation can vary, depending on what company you choose to work with. In general, mold remediation consists of the following:


●        A thorough home examination. The first step is to find the source of the mold. Your mold remediation expert should take note of any problematic areas or rooms and create a plan of action. A responsible company will even inspect your plumbing, because it is often the source of many mold issues. Leaky pipes create moisture, an aspect which many mold species need to grow.


●        An obsessively rigorous cleaning session. Mold remediation involves commercial cleaning products that are both safe and effective. Your mold remediation expert’s plan should detail which areas will need to be attacked in any given order, as the next step can affect the timeline of this process.


●        The removal of any moldy objects. Items including carpeting, drywall, ceiling tiles, and more must be removed during the mold remediation process. Mold is sneaky, and it can hide even in things that look fine on the surface. The thorough home examination conducted earlier should have indicated any problem areas. This can be a difficult part of the process for the client, as it can be quite invasive, so be sure you’re mentally prepared.


●        Advice on how to prevent future outbreaks. Your mold remediation expert should offer advice to help you prevent mold from recurring in your home or business. What’s the use of extensive mold remediation if it’s just going to happen again?

Contact CCS Cleaning & Restoration for Mold Remediation

Mold grows everywhere, but in areas of high humidity like Minnesota, it is especially prevalent. If you’ve seen signs of mold, let the professionals at CCS Cleaning and Restoration prevent further damage to your home or business. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 507-334-1774, or connect with us online.