Given the recent global health crisis, it’s understandable that your household or business is now a bit more concerned about sanitation than in years prior. That isn’t to imply you didn’t keep things clean, of course! We’re just stating that, now more than ever, sanitation is gaining a newfound importance. Indeed, proper sanitation keeps germs at bay, resulting in a healthier work environment or home, in many senses of the word. A sanitized environment, in addition to warding off sickness, does wonders for morale, after all. Perhaps it’s a good thing for more reasons than one that it’s becoming a priority!


If you’re among the many Americans who have chosen to make sanitation – not just cleaning – a part of their daily routines, we at CCS Cleaning and Restoration, as providers of commercial cleaning services, commend you. If you’ve chosen to invest in professional sanitation services to do the job for you, that’s even better! Professional residential cleaning services and janitorial services alike have countless advantages over a washrag and plain old elbow grease, many of which we cover in a previous blog post on the importance of a clean work environment in general. In short: by investing in professional cleaning services, you’re paying for the honed skills of industry professionals – skills that take years of training to acquire. You’re also paying for a stress-free cleaning experience, which allows your business to continue operations relatively unencumbered (instead of having to shift gears and delegate your own staff to the task). Finally, without the top-of-the-line tools that many professional cleaning services provide, the sanitation that can be accomplished is quite limited.


Say you’re sold on professional sanitation services. But which company is the right fit for you? With countless businesses clamoring for your attention given the current circumstances, it can be a difficult decision. You know that if you were to select a low-quality provider of cleaning services your money would go to waste, as they’d most likely simply do a similar job to what your current (overworked and overstressed) cleaning staff do.


Rest assured, CCS Cleaning and Restoration isn’t like that at all. Through more than 40 years of combined on-the-job experience, we’ve cultivated an approach to our work that provides a comprehensive clean to residential and commercial locations alike. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Difference

The CCS difference is versatility. Because our staff are knowledgeable in so many areas, we’re able to provide a thorough sanitation of almost everything you own.


We’re talented in restoration services, crime scene cleanup, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning… the list goes on and on. When you call CCS Cleaning and Restoration, you’ll be dealing with one company that can fit a variety of your sanitation needs. No need to call one company for your carpets, another for your tile, and a third for the grout in the bathroom. With us, you’ll be set to go from the get-go. You’ll be able to kick back and rest easy with all of your service coming from one place.


Of course, that’s only part of the reason we’re your perfect fit when it comes to cleaning services.


●        We’ve got a sterling reputation. We can talk at length about how awesome we strive to make our service, but don’t just take it from us. Check out what our customers have to say! We’ve also been referred by Minnesotan interior designers and real-estate agents alike, which is another testament to the quality we at CCS Cleaning and Restoration strive to achieve in everything that we do. If other businesses can rely on us for their own success in industries where a sanitized environment is at the forefront, so can you.


●        We guarantee your satisfaction. Not entirely thrilled with our cleaning job? Though we work hard to ensure your complete happiness with what it is we do, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, should our attempt to resolve the issues fail. When you invest in sanitation services, you deserve for those services to stand up to scrutiny, both yours and any applicable clients or family members. When you work with us, you know your money is going towards results, not false promises.


●        We take great care to only hire the highest quality staff. When we speak of the quality of our company, we speak of all of our staff, not just a select few. We perform checks related to skill, character, and certification on all of our potential technicians before they are permitted to join our team. Integrity and straightforwardness are paramount to us as providers of cleaning services, and we take great pains to ensure each and every one of our staff members embodies these values.

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