Restrooms: None of us like to think about them—until, of course, they get disgusting, and then we’re forced to. In light of the recent global health crisis, though, it pays to conscientiously attend to your bathrooms long before they reach this point, whether you’re a business, you own an apartment complex, or you’re simply a homeowner trying to get by.


●        Bathrooms can insidiously become cesspools of mold | Tons of water is used in many restrooms, commercial and residential alike. Whether it’s due to long showers at home after hard days at work or your waiters washing their hands before returning to serve, your bathrooms probably use more water than any other room in your home or store! While it’s great that we can so readily summon this valuable resource, we must be aware that the bane of cleanliness itself thrives in moist and humid environments; we’re talking about mold, of course. Even if you take precautions to ensure your bathrooms remain fungus-free, mold is secretive and nefarious. It can grow in places you wouldn’t even think it could, such as the ceiling or inside out-of-the-way floor drains. You must constantly be on the lookout for this health-compromising threat before your family, or your clientele suffer. No need to add mold problems to the ongoing hazard of illness everyone is currently contending with.

●        Bathrooms serve an essential purpose. They could be visited more than other rooms | We all need bathrooms in our homes and businesses. Since we all need them, we all visit them periodically, usually multiple times a day. We don’t know about you, but we don’t know of another singular room that’s visited so frequently across various demographics. Because bathrooms can handle many more people relative to other areas in your store or home, they render themselves a hotbed for germs. We exchange pathogens with others every day in restrooms, due to the functions they serve and how many appliances we must touch to clean ourselves following. Cleaned bathrooms can drastically reduce the potential for germs to spread—and considering how many of those exist there combined with the threat of the Coronavirus, you’d be wise to mind your washrooms!

●        Bathrooms can easily become victims of water damage | How many water-pumping fixtures do you have in your bathroom? Quite a few, if you’re like many families and businesses. While, again, it’s awesome that modern bathrooms are so efficient, it also means that they will need water clean-up should those appliances happen to break. Minding your bathrooms and investing in frequent maintenance decreases your likelihood of ever needing water damage repair.

What Can CCS Cleaning and Restoration Do to Help Me Watch Over My Washrooms?

Got your attention after that proceeding section? Good; bathroom maintenance is an important part of keeping your clients and family safe. If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed by the information we’ve provided, combined with the constant news stream of Coronavirus information, we don’t blame you. CCS Cleaning and Restoration, as a provider of residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services, is here to be your ally every step of the way when it comes to maintaining this crucial part of your facility.


●        We specialize in grout and tile cleaning | Among other things, of course! One place that mold likes to grow, though, and which it is particularly stubborn once adhered to, is grout. You’ve probably tried to scrub it out with a toothbrush before, but you’d be smart to leave this job to the professionals. High-end cleaning materials can do much to thoroughly rid your bathroom of mold while stymieing its future growth.

●        We do professional mold remediation | Who better to call for mold maintenance than a company with experience tackling the worst infestations out there? We know fungi inside and out, and we have the tools and drive to protect ourselves and our customers on the job. We also have specialized knowledge about mold’s secretive hiding spots, so you can rest easy knowing that, once we’re through, your facility will be clean and pristine.

●        Germs? Not while we’re around! We’ve also got experience providing janitorial services and sanitation. We’ve shouldered the reputation and cleanliness expectations of many businesses over our 40 years in the industry, so we’d be happy to do so for yours. Not a business? Our experience is valuable in this case, too. Homeowners that seek our services know that they’re seeking those of a company that’s an old hand at working in a high-stakes environment where quality means everything. We’re used to taking jobs seriously—it’s the default for us—so we’d be happy to do so for your home.

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