Professional Carpet Cleaning With CCS Can Restore Your Floor to New Quickly

Sometimes the unexpected occurs and it can be tempting to put off dealing with it for a while. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a flood, do not put off restoration because time matters and the damage from the flood can spread quickly if it not dried and repaired quickly. After the area is dry, do not overlook the carpet after a flood, professional carpet cleaning will ensure that the carpet does not end up with musty odors from hidden pockets of mold growth. Just drying the area is never enough to restore a carpet back to like new condition, proper chemicals, and deep drying with the right equipment will make sure there are no hidden wet spots in the carpet.

A complete flood cleanup will include a professional drying and carpet cleaning from a company that specializes in flood restoration. A regular cleaning will not cut it because if even a little section is left damp or if the floor under the rug is left moist, mold spores will grow compromising the health of the residents, and the appearance and odor of the carpet. Mold is a hidden danger that increases asthma symptoms and decreases home values across the nation. Nip the risk in the bud before it has a chance to effect your life.

Act Fast After a Flood

flood damage restoration
It is the time of year when things get wet in the north, spring rains, ice melting, and other natural disasters sometimes mean nature intruding indoors. Do not put off professional restoration after an emergency because it does not take long at all for standing water to turn into a biohazard or for it to compromise the structure of a wood frame home.

Steps to Take When You Have a Flooded Floor

Turn off the breaker to the whole house or at least the flooded area. Water conducts electricity and it may be dangerous to step into.
Be careful when you do enter the home, there may be things in the water or structural issues that you cannot see.
Call a restoration company, and your insurance company right away. The faster we can come out and start the pumping and drying process the less permanent damage you will have. In the long run time is money and acting fast can save you thousands in home repairs.

We will come out anytime to take care of your emergency, because your emergency is our emergency. We will use our professional equipment to quickly pump out all of the water, vacuum out an damp areas, and our industrial fans will quickly dry the empty house after we remove the carpet, furniture and drapes. Once everything is 100% dry will will make sure that nothing gets put back into the house that is not clean. The carpet padding will likely need to be replaced, but most carpets can be restored back to perfect condition with a good steam cleaning with our professional equipment and chemicals.


Flood Cleanup
If you are not dealing with the aftermath of a flood, but your carpet needs serious treatment we do professional carpet cleaning with steam that will restore your carpet to new looking whether it is time, fire, pets, or a flood that caused the damage. Call us today for a carpet cleaning estimate.

Contact CCS Cleaning & Restoration today for a steam cleaning estimate for your carpet, and contact us anytime day or night if you are need of flood restoration. Remember, your emergency is our emergency do not put off restoring your life after a flood.


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