While shops are beginning to open up again and the world seems to be slowly returning to normal, the Coronavirus still remains a very real threat, especially to aged individuals or those with certain medical conditions (according to the CDC). It’s still your responsibility and your civic duty as a business owner, to keep your workers and customers safe. Not only will this prevent a potential PR disaster, but it also keeps team morale high and ensures that your customers feel happy, safe, and welcomed at your store.


Of course, maybe you know that; perhaps you’ve already stressed the importance of masking up to your workers, and perhaps you’re very strict about following the governor’s executive order to mask up. Maybe you’ve even designated staff to ensure your guests are following this protocol. You just want to keep everyone safe, after all! But what else can you do to do that—keep everyone safe? Take it from a provider of janitorial services and other general cleaning services (sanitization included!) for businesses: cleanliness is essential. This goes beyond the standard “pick up in the breakroom and sweep up before closing down the shop;” this means breaking out the big guns and ensuring your whole team is on board with it.


Sound a little extensive? We won’t lie: it is. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. But if your team has enough on their plate already, please call CCS Cleaning and Restoration now for anything from tile cleaning to upholstery cleaning. We’re here to take the stress off of your workers by taking care of the major cleaning for them so that they can focus on maintaining safe and sanitary work procedures while also providing the great customer service you hired them for. Don’t put your workers through more than they can handle; you’ll just end up with a sullen team that can’t give it their all at work, and given that money these days is also tough, you need that extra effort.


Of course, though, in these times, we won’t just hoard our knowledge as a provider of cleaning services. Below, you’ll find some ideas that might help you to inspire a love and respect of cleanliness in your workers—straight from a passionate team that harnesses such a love for a living.

Cleanliness and Work Culture: The Two are Linked

Inspiring your team to go above and beyond when it comes to sanitation and cleanliness doesn’t start by threatening consequences. We’d know. As one of the best providers of everything from rug cleaning services to crime scene cleanup in the Faribault area, all of our employees are passionate about keeping things neat, and we didn’t spread that passion throughout our team by threats or by lectures. We love cleanliness for its own sake. That love, while not impossible, can be tricky to inspire in workers who don’t provide cleaning services, as they may have varying preexisting attitudes towards the concept.


Regardless, you, as an employer, can do the following to make your employees both take note of the importance of cleanliness and encourage them to practice it more during these trying times:


●        Giving them the physical resources with which to do so | Think about sweeping your house—got the image in your head? Good. Now imagine doing it with a toothbrush! Not very fun, right? While you probably aren’t asking your employees to do exactly this, expecting them to readily take to cleaning when their supplies work against them is, frankly, impossible. If you want your employees to not hate cleaning your shop, invest in industry-leading, heavy-duty tools that make the job simple. These tools can be expensive, so consider circumnavigating the issue altogether and hiring a cleaning service, which makes use of state-of-the-art equipment anyway.

●        Remind them of why cleanliness is important right now | Wait, you might be thinking, didn’t you just advise against lecturing? We certainly did! We aren’t advising you to drag your whole team into a room and demand they clean up their act; we advocate a much more unifying, gentler approach. Remind your team that practicing sanitation procedures saves lives, and encourage them to take pride in the work that they do as a member of your company. Working with a lot of people or feel like your speeches might go in one ear and out the other? A provider of cleaning services offers a worry-free solution.

●        Clarifying what your expectations are | If you’ve frequently had trouble in the past with your employees’ cleanliness habits, consider defining what, exactly, you expect from them in clearer terms. You don’t need to micromanage; just show them or tell them what good work looks like. If this problem is running rampant at your place of business, your workers could also be overburdened with cleaning tasks. In this case, consider hiring a provider of cleaning services to help.

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