When it comes to cleaning services, your mind probably brings up services like carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, or even periodical janitorial services. And, to an extent, you’d be right to think of the concept this way! Indeed, these services render themselves crucial parts of keeping any building running, be it a household or a business.


The aforementioned cleaning services have many benefits that make them notable, too, so it’s no wonder they are what comes to mind. However, thinking this way about cleaning services neglects one important field that brings with it its own merits: upholstery cleaning.


Just what are those merits, and why does upholstery cleaning deserve to be just as notable as other types of cleaning services? We discuss the benefits of upholstery cleaning below.

First: What Qualifies as Upholstery?

Of course, before we go any further, we have to discuss exactly what the term upholstery cleaning means. Upholstery cleaning is often lumped together with carpet cleaning services or curtain cleaning services, especially on company websites, but the smart home or business owner knows the three serve similar, but radically different, purposes.


Many of us have a vague idea that upholstery has something to do with the fabric that covers furniture—and indeed, that is part of the technical definition of the term. Said coverings can be made up of anything from cotton to vinyl to leather.


However, upholstery isn’t just the fabric; it also refers to what’s inside the given piece of furniture to an extent. Items such as stuffing, for example, can be considered upholstery just as much as can a fabric covering. This multifaceted definition leads us to the first benefit of upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning Is a True Deep Clean

There’s a time for spot-cleaning and a time to break out the big guns, and when you invest in professional upholstery cleaning services, you’re most certainly going to get the latter. With specialized machinery and top-notch cleaning knowledge, providers of cleaning services can destroy dirt, grime, and germs that have accumulated deep in your chairs, sofas, or other furniture in a snap.


At CCS Cleaning and Restoration, we regularly tackle embedded messes that lie far beyond what traditional household cleaning devices can reach, resulting in not just a clean appearance, but a clean and sanitized piece of furniture inside and out.


While you may be able to, to some degree, keep your furniture looking nice over the years, the time will inevitably come when you realize it’s starting to look a bit dingy. Grime has a way of hiding from view until it accumulates past the point of no return, so contact our upholstery cleaners and rid your furniture of its presence!

Upholstery Cleaning Removes Unpleasant Smells

Like we said, grime can be hard to find—but sometimes it isn’t hard to smell! It’s quite normal for old furniture to take on a musty scent, for example, or for furniture from a non-smoke-free home to smell the part. Pets, too, can leave their marks on your favorite pieces, from their body odors to poorly-placed potty breaks. And need we mention kids? Their constant snacking and exuberance, while adorable at times, can really take a toll on your furniture’s smell situation. Hello mildew!


If your furniture is on the stinky side, though, don’t just kick it to the curb! Upholstery cleaners have most likely seen these issues before, and against their specialized knowledge and cleaning tools, odors don’t stand a chance. Fabric fresheners often only cover up a smell, resulting in even more of a headache, sometimes literally!


Give your furniture the best shot at coming back from Smellsvile by making an appointment with an upholstery cleaning service. As a bonus, removing the smells often also results in a more sanitized piece of furniture—no health-compromising mildew, no smell.

Upholstery Cleaning Keeps Furniture Looking Bright

Time waits for nobody, as the old saying goes—not even your furniture. Even if you safeguard your sofas and cover your chairs, the years will inevitably have their way with your favorite pieces, leaving them dull and sad-looking.


While upholstery cleaning services won’t reverse the clock, they’ll leave your furniture looking like it just stepped back years in its lifespan. By leaving behind years of built-up dirt and grime, your furniture’s colors will shine brighter, leaving your home fresher and more appealing.We like to think of it as the glow of a true deep-clean and sanitization!


In the case of leather furniture, investing in upholstery cleaning is even more critical (if that’s even possible). Real leather of any sort—that on jackets, upholstery, you name it—needs regular cleaning and care or it will begin to crack. Even a single of such blemishes can compromise the item’s appearance and functionality, so be sure to get an upholstery cleaning service to tend to your expensive investment periodically.

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