Mold: it’s an insidious interior threat. One moment your living room appears clean, the next you move an ottoman to vacuum and suddenly you find a science experiment growing on the wall behind. While it may be jarring to discover such a thing, mold’s shock value is the least of your concerns. When left alone, an infestation can snowball and cause massive respiratory distress in anyone who enters your home.


Since it’s so hard to find, though, such distress can be played off as the result of allergies or dust until the signs become too noticeable (read: disgusting) to ignore.


The number one cause of mold overgrowth? Moisture. A big cause of moisture? Springtime floods. Without thorough water damage repair that properly rids your home of every last drop, your family stands at-risk of facing fungi’s damaging effects.

Understanding the Link Between Moisture and Mold

Though it’s neither a plant nor an animal, mold is, by biological standards, alive (we know, it’s shudder-inducing to think about!). Mold comes in a variety of species, but all of them are a type of fungi, which are living creatures. This means that, like all living things, mold requires water to grow—among other things, of course, like darkness, a food source, and warmth.


In more specific terms, water helps mold to break down its food. Said food can include anything from wood to carpet to drywall. Without that ever-important H2O, the enzymes (small digestive molecules) that help the fungi process nutrients are unable to function.


When a water remediation team rids your home of water, they’re directly stopping mold’s ability to get nutrients, essentially starving out a future infestation. So no water, no mold—simple enough. However, if you’re worried about mold—and you should be after a serious flood, given its health effects—you need a water remediation team that goes the extra mile. When not fought correctly, mold can be a tricky foe.

Get a Water Damage Restoration Team That Cleans What you Can’t See

Mold is sneaky; you don’t need us to tell you that, though. How many times have you pulled out fuzzy food from the fridge and thought, how long has this been here? When you add a water problem into the equation, though, mold can become downright underhanded.


Water is as slippery as mold is sly. Due to its adhesive properties, it can shimmy its way into places you wouldn’t even consider, like your carpet padding or trim. It’s not, therefore, just the areas that have been directly touched by the floodwaters that are subject to a good soaking; an entire zone around it, all the nooks and crannies included, is at risk. And like we said, water is necessary for mold to grow, so without a thorough water damage repair team, you’re likely to be dealing with yet another disaster after the water itself is taken care of.

How CCS Cleaning & Restoration Can Help

Thorough is what we do best! Because we’re mold remediation experts as well as water clean-up pros, we’ve mastered a comprehensive approach to water remediation. Using state-of-the-art technology, our formally trained team will leave every inch of damaged space clean and dry, practically eliminating the risk of a mold outbreak post-flood.


Just now figuring out you should probably have called for water clean-up a long time ago? Our mold remediation team can help with that, too.

Fast Water Remediation Stops Mold in Its Tracks

Here’s a chilling thought: some theorize that mold can begin its growth phase twenty-four hours after water damage occurs if it’s not properly taken care of. While you might not deal with tentacles of fungi rearing up to take over your home during this time (unless you live in a horror movie), it still begins to set up shop, laying the groundwork for future infestations—future health issues, future mold removal bills, you name it.


You thus can’t afford to wait around for water remediation services. You need water clean-up, and fast.

How CCS Cleaning & Restoration Can Help

Look no further for twenty-four hour emergency water clean-up services! Just say the word and we’re there for you—no matter the time of day. It’s just part of our commitment to top-notch customer service.


We’re more than just a provider of cleaning services; we’re the team that stands between your family and the poor health that comes with a mold infestation, and we take that role seriously. CCS Cleaning & Restoration understand that life doesn’t wait, and in the case of water remediation, neither can you.

Contact CCS for Around-the-Clock Water Damage Repair

Our Faribault team is standing by with state-of-the-art equipment, ready to rid your home of water and mold alike—just say the word. When you find that burst pipe in the middle of the night or realize too late that your seamless gutters have suddenly broken themselves a new seam, reach us at 507-334-1774.