Thank goodness for CCS Cleaning & Restoration emergency services! You got that water damage issue cleaned up in a jiffy. Chances are a majority of the affected area has been salvaged by our detail-oriented water remediation style and devotion to great service. But what if there are belongings beyond repair?


Sometimes parts of your home are beyond even the help of the most thorough water damage restoration pros. This is especially likely to be the case if the issue you’re dealing with involved contaminated, bacteria-filled water.


Not all is lost in these cases, though! You’ve still got one potential avenue of help left: your insurance policy.

How Your Homeowner’s Insurance Can Help Restore Your Home

That is its purpose, after all. In sweeping terms, homeowner’s insurance promises reimbursement if certain disasters befall your home. When you’re dealing with water damage, it can:


●        Provide you with welcome stress relief, as it takes some of the financial burden off of you

●        Help get your home back to normal again

●        Place water damage clean-up services within your budget


Though it’s important to understand that insurance isn’t necessarily a comprehensive fix-all for your water damage situation, when its power can be harnessed, it can turn horrible circumstances into, well, significantly less horrible ones.


Insurance policies, when it comes to water damage and water clean-up, can (but not always!) cover:

“Sudden and Accidental” Problems

It’s a commonly used phrase in insurance policies: sudden and accidental. Though how it’s interpreted varies depending on the company whom you do business with, it tends to refer to water damage that occurs all at once and is not easily predictable.


Problems that may fall under this umbrella include:


●        Burst pipes

●        Certain toilet problems

●        Drain system failures


When it comes to insurance policies, though, never assume. The event that caused your water damage may seem quite sudden and accidental to you, but your insurance company might view it quite differently. Always check your policy or call an agent with questions.

Personal Property Damage

Not all policies extend this far, but some do, and if your favorite armchair or the like has taken a nice soaking, you may be in luck. Sometimes, depending on the wording of the particular policy, you may be compensated for items that are no longer usable thanks to water damage.


While your home may not be exactly the same as before disaster struck, these policies can give you the money you need to return it to a relative state of normalcy, as far as your belongings are concerned.

Weather-Related Damage

Depending on what your policy details, if certain weather events—like rain or ice dams—cause water damage, you may be entitled to compensation. You can’t control the weather, after all. However, this is one insurance area that’s notably dicey, as you generally are expected to fix items like rotting roof areas or fussy windows that can contribute to water damage.

A Caveat: Mind Your Deductible

“Covered” does not always mean “fully covered.” It may simply mean that your insurance will pay a portion of it until certain conditions are met. Until you reach a certain monetary threshold, called a deductible, you may still be on the line for a certain amount of payment.


Not sure what this is for your particular policy? Call your insurance company! Homeowner’s insurance is called into play so infrequently, There’s no shame in getting the information you need!

What Homeowner’s Insurance Won’t Cover

As we said, homeowner’s insurance won’t cover absolutely every type of emergency, as horrible as that sounds. Broadly speaking, if the situation was preventable, and you should have been actively working to prevent it, you’re probably out of luck. In that case, your insurance company most likely will deem the problem your responsibility and not give you a single penny.


Broadly speaking, insurance won’t specifically touch:

Neglected Plumbing

If a longstanding leak in your kitchen sink has made things more soggy than is sensible, it could be financially on you. In this situation the homeowner would be considered neglectful—not taking their due diligence to keep their home nice—and therefore accountable for the problems that followed. It’s yet another reason to schedule maintenance appointments frequently with that local plumber!

Sewer Backups

Gross, right? Many standard homeowner’s insurance policies won’t help you bail out of a sewer backup. However—and this is an important however—endorsements (add-ons) are generally available that will, and they tend to be relatively affordable. If you’re unsure if you’re covered in this situation, you probably aren’t, but don’t toss in the towel until you check.

CCS Cleaning & Restoration: Always There for You

No matter whose fault the water damage was, and no matter when it occurs, you can count on the water damage repair team at CCS to get the restoration job done right. With competitive pricing, customer-focused care, and a comprehensive and systematic approach to water remediation, you know you’re in good hands. Give our Faribault office a call today at 507-334-1774.