Ack, you’ve found a leak! While the water spraying in your face might feel like an emergency in the moment, you may second-guess yourself. Is it really all that bad? Can the soaked carpet wait until morning? Where’s the line between your needing “standard” water clean-up and urgent, no-matter-the-time-of-day water clean-up?


At CCS Cleaning & Restoration, we offer both, so no matter the situation you find yourself in, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered. That being said, we’re always ready to go above and beyond, and since in the moment it can be hard to determine if your anxiety is warranted or simply a product of shock, we’re here to help differentiate. Below you’ll find a few indicators that your water damage restoration needs are immediate and dire.

Rules of Thumb

First and foremost: if you’re ever unsure of the nature of your water restoration needs, call for emergency services. Water, though it might not seem so, can be equally as destructive as fire in the correct circumstances. Left to fester, it can degrade the structural integrity of your home, as well as open the door for mold infestations and unsightly, irreparable staining. If you’re on the fence, don’t mess around; call CCS Cleaning & Restoration’s emergency water clean-up services.


Secondly, if it feels like an emergency, then it is an emergency. That sounds a little unhelpful at first read, so let us elaborate. Something you can’t control should never have an impact on your peace of mind. If the problem continues to nag at you, despite the fact that you try to put it to rest, you need emergency restoration services. There’s enough to worry about in hectic day-to-day life as it is, so don’t let water damage repair be something that eats away at your conscience.

When Disaster Strikes: Common Water Clean-Up Emergencies

More of a concrete thinker? You might need examples that deal in the physical world. The following effortlessly constitute water damage emergencies and require immediate professional help.

Unclean Water Is Involved

Water clean-up pros have shorthand for the type of water they’ll be dealing with while on the job. It helps them communicate the urgency of the situation, as well as to quickly gather the necessary equipment.


●        White water is clean water, and while still dangerous, is relatively devoid of infectious pathogens

●        Gray water is dirty water that has not come into contact with sewage. Think wastewater from appliances.

●        Black water is, essentially, sewage, and is fraught with fecal bacteria


It’s important to note that these names don’t refer to the water’s physical color, but their contents and origins. You can still have, say, gray water damage even if the water itself isn’t gray.


While all types of water damage are grounds for emergency service in the right situations, black water and gray water are especially dangerous and always require them. They both can contain irritants and illness-causing microbes that, in the former’s case, can become airborne if you don’t get a water damage pro on the scene fast. This means that even if relatively left alone, you can still become sick from it!

You Can’t Find the Source of the Water

Water, water, pouring in from everywhere—it sounds like a scene out of a nightmare! Unfortunately, this can become a reality if, for example, a pipe bursts inside of your wall and you can’t figure out exactly where because everything in the vicinity is soaked through, and you’ve just turned your main line off.


If there’s water in your home and you can’t find, or can’t deal with, the source on your own, you need emergency water damage restoration. Sure, you may have gotten the leak under control by shutting off your entire water supply, but you’ll be stuck without running water until you know more. In other, less controllable situations, you may have running water, but who can feel at ease in a home that’s actively flooding?


In addition, since you can’t find the source of the leak, you won’t know if the water contains harmful microbes or not, as, like we stated, color is a poor indicator of a water’s contents. Until you get a pro out to tell you more, you’re stuck without a sensible action plan—exactly where you don’t want to be if someone could get sick.


In short: a mystery leak requires the pros. Hands down and no questions asked.

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