If your house is flooding thanks to a burst pipe, you probably already know to call the water damage remediation pros at CCS Cleaning & Restoration—it’s the obvious first step! With our 24/7 emergency services, top-of-the-line equipment, and cutting-edge training, you can rest easy knowing that the problem is on its way to being solved, no matter the time of day.


However, time is of the essence when it comes to water clean-up. The longer your belongings stay in their impromptu bath, the more damage the water will do. While CCS Cleaning & Restoration is adept at tasks such as upholstery cleaning, it is possible for water damage to render an object beyond repair, even for five-star restoration services like us. We don’t blame you if you wade into the disaster zone to rescue what you can.


But on top of that, you’ve got a family to keep calm and get to safety—how can you juggle both tasks at once? We’ve got you covered with the practical tips below.

Mitigate the Risk of Harm

You might not think too much about a little water when it comes to your family’s safety—your kids passed their swimming lessons, after all, and at worst the depth is probably wadable. But a flooded home poses more danger than that of drowning.


For example, in last month’s blog, “When to Call for Emergency Water Remediation Services,” we elaborated on how leaking water can hold pathogens—in other words, how it can get your family sick! Plus, if any of your electrical appliances have become waterlogged, there’s a very real risk of shock. Because water where it isn't supposed to be is dangerous, we always recommend lowering the risk and prioritizing getting your family and pets outside to safety before assessing what you can salvage and if it’s safe to return to your home.

Prioritize Your Safety Before Your Belongings

While CCS Cleaning & Restoration will be on the scene as fast as we can, it’s understandable to want to rescue a few of your most precious belongings. Before you turn and rush back into the house, though, you must prioritize your own safety. Ask yourself the following:


●        Will I need to wade through water that surrounds electrical appliances? Does the water forbid me from getting to my electrical system to safely shut it off?

●        Is the water contaminated with sewage or does it come from an unknown source?

●        Is the water murky, potentially obscuring my view of sharp objects beneath the surface?

●        Is the water potentially near my attic, coming into contact with electrical wires that create a fire risk?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, wait for help to arrive before taking any further action. In any case, the risk of bodily harm is far too great to justify retrieving anything. Rest assured that CCS Cleaning & Restoration will do what we can to help once we get there.

Moving Forward With Object Retrieval

So you’ve assessed the situation, deemed it relatively safe, and have decided to go back into the home to retrieve your belongings—but that doesn’t mean you get to dilly dally! Though it may seem tame enough to you once you’ve determined the situation relatively risk-free, you still need to get in and out of there quickly. 


The first order of business is to turn off both your water supply and your electricity supply. This will enable you to move anything you need to to safety, as well as, most likely, stop whatever it is that’s flooding your home. As we said, part of assessing the benefits of going back inside was to see if this is possible, so safety first!

Shift Objects to Access the Floor

Waterlogged belongings can be heavy—a gallon of water weighs roughly eight pounds! If anything you plan to save is sizable, you can recruit a responsible adult to help you get them to a safe place, be it outside or simply to another room. Be careful; the floor may be slippery! Work in order of priority; the more space is open in the room, the easier the water damage restoration process will be.

Caring for Your Carpet

Once you’ve cleared a space, if your carpet is one of the things you want to salvage—and it probably is—you can begin preemptive cleanup. Blot up what water you can with a towel, which you can wring out over the sink or outside, then open the windows and get some fans running. A dehumidifier will also begin the drying process, which will be jump-started once we arrive on-scene.


And if your carpet isn't looking the hottest—relax! CCS Cleaning & Restoration also offers thorough carpet cleaning services from certified technicians. It’s our mission to return your home to normal again, and we’ve got all the resources and expertise needed to make that happen.

Don’t Wait on Your Water Damage: Call CCS Cleaning & Restoration Now

If it feels like an emergency, it probably is one—so take care of your water damage before it takes care of your home. Give CCS Cleaning & Restoration’s Faribault office a call today at 507-334-1774.