Summer storm season is almost over – what a relief! Dealing with all the potential water damage from it is always a bit of a headache.


Even if you’ve got the pros on speed dial to deal with any complications, having those water damage clean-up complications arise in the first place is no doubt a bit stressful!


We here at CCS Cleaning & Restoration, as water damage restoration professionals, want to make your life as stress-free as we can. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services, after all.


But staying stress free also means knowing how to make sure your home is well-fortified against the fall and winter rain and snow that’s sure to come. Below, we’ll detail how to do just that.

It’s All About Your Home’s Exterior

Well, not all, per se, but a grand majority of it!


Your home’s exterior is the shield that stands between your valuables, loved ones, and our state’s inclement weather. With a lack of maintenance, these items can no longer do their jobs as valiant defenders of the household. Instead, they fall apart, allowing any number of water damage hazards to come in!


The key is to do seasonal maintenance to prepare for the colder, snowy times ahead. We’re not a home exteriors blog, so we won’t dive deeply into the topic, but here are a few areas you might want to touch up on before fall and it’s colder cousin winter hit.


The noble roof should always be one of your first stops when it comes to water damage prevention! This is because, when it’s left in shambles, it’s one of the easiest places for water to make its way in.


Though you may not get rained on with minor damage, your insulation can still get soggy, which sets the stage for mold growth and electrical fires.


You’ll also need to watch out for ice dams in the winter. When they cause water to back up under your shingles, you could very well find yourself needing water damage restoration.


Certain roof structural issues and damages can cause both of the aforementioned issues, so it’s helpful to get a pro out before winter for a comprehensive look. You’ll save on water damage repair bills and roof repair bills too, so it’s well worth the investment.


Though they take up quite little of your home exterior’s space, your gutters are one of the hardest-working exterior fixtures when it comes to preventing water damage.


Gutters take water that flows off of your roof and deposit it far away from your home’s foundation, where it would otherwise shift the soil and lead to strain.


Seasonal maintenance for these is pretty easy: a thorough cleaning and a simple once-over to see if there are any cracked and leaking areas that require professional attention will suffice.

Battening Down the Basement

During our chaotic freeze-thaw cycles, snow can melt and, as any longtime Minnesota resident will tell you, make its way into your basement.


Gravity and gutters can’t help you here, and unfortunately, under the right circumstances, the water damage to your carpet, furniture, and walls can be quite severe.


What’s worse is that you can’t control the weather. So if snow starts melting on a warm winter’s day or doesn’t stick around in the fall, you’re basically left helpless to deal with the water-damage aftermath.


But it doesn’t need to be this way! With just a little preparation, you can stop water damage in your basement just like the water damage repair pros at CCS Cleaning & Restoration do.

Invest in a Sump Pump

Sure, their name might be tricky to pronounce, but these devices can stop basement flooding in its tracks. Sump pumps consist of a small plumbing device that sits beneath your home, which incidentally requires electricity to run.


Sump pumps sit on standby most of the time, but when the area below your foundation becomes thick with water, they spring into action, safely redirecting that water and preventing flooding.


They’re hugely successful at their given purpose, so on the off chance your home doesn’t have one, it’s time to get it installed before the wet seasons come.

Fix Foundation Cracks

Of course, if your foundation is cracked, water can seep right in, leading to water damage and major headaches.


When you’re doing your seasonal gutter and roof maintenance this year, don’t just look up – look down too and patch up cracks you find with epoxy. Serious issues may require the help of a pro.

CCS Cleaning & Restoration: Emergency Cleaning Services Wherever and Whenever

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