You’ve finally got that burst pipe under control. Phew! With the help of water damage clean-up experts, your home is now busy drying out and the threat of imminent danger to your family and belongings has passed. Or has it?


Take it from a provider of both mold remediation and water damage repair: the two often go hand-in-hand. If you and your cleaning services provider aren’t careful and thorough, mold will almost definitely come after a case of water damage—and some cases are inherently more prone to a following bout of fungi growth than others.


Now isn’t the time to panic, though! Now’s the time to reasonably assess your risk and thus your options. Below, CCS Cleaning & Restoration discusses how likely your recent water damage case is to set the stage for mold growth.

The Right Provider of Cleaning Services Makes All the Difference

Many clients of ours go ages without knowing that they have a mold problem in their homes; it only becomes evident when health issues arise or it begins to seep through household cracks. This isn’t their fault! Mold is great at hiding, getting its insidious claws into the smallest of spaces where it can grow unseen and undisturbed.


Since water is a critical ingredient mold needs to grow, it’s imperative that every single drop of it—even those that can’t be seen—is removed. This is why it’s critical that you hire a provider of water clean-up services that uses advanced technology to dry out each and every inch of your home. That’s the only thing that can stop post-water-damage mold in its tracks!


That, of course, and five-star, detail-oriented service. When it comes to preventing mold, tech sure is important, but your service provider also has to know how to make the most of it. Detail-oriented work, combined with prompt attention and a good listening ear all will help your provider of cleaning services to find potential problem areas and rid them of water before mold can set in.

How Long Did you Wait Before Calling for Help?

As we’ve written about previously on our water damage repair blog, not all water damage is an emergency. Check out the entry “When to Call for Emergency Water Remediation Services” to learn more about how to gauge the urgency of the situation.


Helpful posts aside, the longer you wait to call for water damage repair, the more likely it is to cause mold problems. The EPA recommends that mold remediation action be taken if an object is left wet for 48 hours or more, provided the damage is caused by clean water. Though the organization stresses that it’s not a hard-and-fast rule that mold will begin to grow after this point in time, in our professional opinion it’s always better to be safe than sorry, as far as your health and pocketbook are concerned.


Generally speaking, the longer you wait, the longer mold has to get started growing, so make sure to attend to any water damage quickly, even if it isn't an emergency. Luckily, with CCS Cleaning & Restoration’s prompt services, that won't be an issue.

Environmental Conditions That Affect Mold Growth

While your cleaning services will do everything they can to rid your home of mold-making water, there are some water damage situations that are inherently more susceptible to mold growth and the necessity for mold remediation. This is thanks to a variety of environmental factors that can promote mold’s growth.


Take humidity, for instance. Though your water damage repair pro will completely dry out your home and prevent mold from taking hold, spaces that are high-humidity are generally more friendly to fungi. Water damage aside, wonder why you’re likely to find mold in your bathroom or your poorly ventilated attic? You’ve got humidity to thank.


Mold also loves porous, organic materials—hence why your water damage restoration pros might deem certain home items, such as wood or drywall, as unsalvageable under certain conditions. It’s sometimes better to replace damaged items than deal with mold remediation if you don’t need to do so.


Finally, the more airflow a space has, the harder of a time mold will have growing. This is why it’s often recommended to open up the windows after a case of water damage.

CCS Cleaning & Restoration: Your Preferred Mold Damage and Water Clean-Up Pros

We’re professionals at both mold clean-up and water damage remediation. With our comprehensive knowledge, mold gets given the boot as soon as we step on the premises—be it in the form of remediation or preventative work. Plus, with our 24/7 emergency line, you can get the water damage help you need ASAP and prevent your home from falling victim to an infestation.


To learn more about our water damage and mold-ridding services, or to get the fast help you need, call our Faribault office now at 507-334-1774.