A fire in your home or business is certainly a devastating occurrence that's likely to require multiple types of cleaning and restoration services. First, there’s fire restoration to take care of soot, smoke odors, and necessary boarding up. Then, after the fire crew departs, you’ll be left with another issue to deal with: water damage.


It’s a necessary facet of taming a fire, of course; a water-logged property is more salvageable than one burnt to a crisp. But even if you’ve dealt with water clean-up before, such as a flooded basement, the post-fire restoration process is probably more intense than your previous experiences.


As your Faribault providers of 24-hour emergency restoration services, we’re here to share some insight into what it takes to dry your home after a fire, so you know what to expect when you seek professional water damage services.

Understand the Potential for Mold Growth

With any moisture accumulation, be it in your attic, basement, bathroom, you name it, mold has the potential to set up shop. Feasting on organic materials and using the water to grow, mold can quickly colonize and become a massive problem.


It’s not just a cosmetic issue, either. According to the CDC, mold can cause anything from runny noses to sore throats, and it even can lead to full-out lung infections in those who are susceptible.


In short, mold is damaging to your health. And when it comes to water cleanup after a fire, the potential for mold growth is generally incredibly high.


The extent of the damage depends on the size of the fire, which correlates with the amount of water used during the process of putting that fire out. Firemen spare no efforts when wielding their hoses – as they should!


But when water is shoved at a high pressure into your home’s cracks and crevices, those undisturbed, dark, and now moist cracks and crevices become a place that mold loves to grow.

Hire Remediation Services Skilled in All 3 Areas

Post-fire, you’re likely to be dealing with mold, fire, and water damage remediation all in some form or another, which means you’re best off hiring a professional cleaning company that is knowledgeable in all three.


With comprehensive service, you’ll be able to re-enter the property safely and prevent long-term damage to your home and health that can linger if the water cleanup process isn’t handled correctly.

Know Where to Look for Damage

After a fire, you’ll no doubt spend time photographing what occurred to file an insurance claim (if it’s safe to return to your property). However, you won’t just need to document the fire damage; water damage can sometimes be covered by insurance policies as well.


Check out our blog “Insurance and Water Damage: What’s the Deal?” for more info on this topic!


You’ll need to know where to look, aside from the obvious sodden carpets. As we said earlier, water use while putting fires out is liberal, so you’ll need to be thorough in your search.


Be sure to assess the following often overlooked areas:


●        Drywall

●        Cabinetry

●        Electrical systems (if you suspect damage, contact a pro ASAP)

●        Ceilings


Sniffing out water damage quickly will benefit the insurance claim process, often making it quicker, and it will inform you whether your home is safe for a prolonged stay. A sagging ceiling or mold in the drywall, for example, are both signs that you’ll need to find an alternative living situation for now.

Call Water Damage Repair Pros Quickly

Because mold can grow so quickly (according to FEMA, within 24 to 48 hours), it’s critical that you get emergency water damage repair services out to the premises ASAP. Once firmly established, mold colonies are much harder to get rid of.


Though you and your family may understandably be under stress from such a sudden occurrence as a fire, removing the potential additional stressor that is mold growth from water damage will help you get back on your feet.

Apply Home First Aid

The quicker you act, the quicker you can stop the far-reaching effects of water damage and mold. Professional emergency water damage restoration services should of course be your frontline of defense, but you’re not completely helpless after a fire – even if it feels like that.


Check out our blog “5 Emergency Water Damage Tips” to get a handle on the situation and stop the spread.


Our webpage on water damage can also prove useful. If you need fire damage restoration too, you’ll want to begin a bit of cleanup in that respect before we get there, simply for your own comfort.

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