There are few worse feelings for a homeowner than witnessing a deluge of water taking over the basement floor. If you find yourself in this position, you will want to act quickly to limit the damage. Here are just a few steps you should follow upon finding flooding in your basement, courtesy of CCS Cleaning & Restoration, your Faribault water damage restoration pros.

Manage Injury Risk

The most immediate danger to your health isn’t the flood: it’s electricity. A wet basement brings with it the risk of electrical shock, not to mention the potential for falling. When fearing  injury, never take risks.  If you can do so safely, though, find your breaker box and shut down power to the house as a precaution before you start to tackle the water damage. A few extra seconds of forethought can quite literally save your life.

Stop the Water Damage

Time is of the essence once you’ve eliminated the electrical risk; you need to find out if water is still coming in, and if so, from where.


If the flood is due to a plumbing problem, like a wintertime burst, turn off your home’s water supply immediately. Your supply line should have a single valve that enables a quick stop; check out this article from The Spruce to learn what a few types look like.


If, on the other hand, the problem is a result of more structural concerns—such as poorly-laid foundation or lack of a sump pump—there isn’t much you can do to stop the flooding in many cases, obvious patching-up aside. You’ll need to tackle it at its source with the help of a pro in the pertinent field.

Document What Went Wrong

Once your water line is shut off (if necessary) and you are sure there is no potential of an electrical hazard, you can begin taking photos of the damage and filing an insurance claim. Whether or not you have coverage depends on quite a few factors; check out our water clean-up blog “Insurance and Water Damage: What’s the Deal?” for a brief look at them.


Contact a Professional Clean-Up and Restoration Company

If the basement has flooded, you may be dealing with significant damage and quite a bit of stress. That’s why It's important to get a professional contractor out to your home quickly before mildew and other problems can set in. You're already worried sick about your lost personal items; let someone else worry about the actual cleanup process for you.


Get ahold of some much-needed help and follow our five top tips for emergency water damage in the meantime.

CCS Cleaning & Restoration: The Restoration Services That Have Your Back

If you live in Faribault, MN or the surrounding area, you have a cleanup crew you can trust in CCS Cleaning & Restoration. We have years of experience with water removal and basement restoration following a flood, and our specialized equipment cleans deep beneath the surface, practically eliminating the need for mold remediation later on.


On top of all that, we’re available 24/7 for emergency calls—so if you need a helping hand when disaster strikes, we’re always here for you. Reach our Faribault office today at 507-334-1774.