Fire damage cleanup is a multi-step process that requires experience, proper equipment, and chemicals to get the job done right the first time. We have years of experience in fire damage restoration and your dramatic event is another day at work for us. This means that we can handle your problem fast and efficiently so you can focus on your family or business during this time.

Many people do not realize that fire recovery extends beyond the room where the fire damage occurs. Fire recovery typically involves a through cleaning of the entire building because of smoke and ash damage that occurs in the hours after the fire has been put out. Smoke travels through duct work, under doors, up and down stairways and the damage goes beyond air quality. Smoke will turn linens, carpets, furniture, and walls yellow increasingly overtime even after the event. Proper air filtration and cleaning after the event will decrease the yellowing of the entire home from fire damage in another room, and reduce odors instantly.


Let us simplify a daunting task. It is bad enough that you had to see your home or business in flames and the disastrous aftermath, you should not have to clean it as well. We can come in and accomplish the task faster than you probably expect. The first step you need to take after safety is established is to call CCS Cleaning and Restoration and let us take a load off your shoulders in your time of need. We can handle your emergency professionally and expertly.

Steps in a Professional Fire Restoration

Remove any water or chemicals used to put out the fire so you do not have a secondary problem with water damage and mold growth.
Place professional fans, filters, and air movers in strategic locations to improve air quality in the entire building, dry out any dampness, and filter the soot and ash.
Remove debris including charred wood, ruined furniture, and carpet.
Wash curtains, and linens affected by smoke. Often the smoke damage reaches even other floors and settles in after the fire.
Rebuild areas needed, with structural soundness and complete restoration in mind.
A through professional carpet cleaning.
A through professional furniture cleaning.
Repaint smoked damaged areas after a through cleaning.


Contact a Restoration Company

After the safety of the habitants of the building is established, do not put off contacting a restoration company. If you decide you just do not want to deal with the hassle hiring a restoration company or talking to your insurance because of the mentally and physically draining nature of the fire please reconsider because the longer a proper cleaning and restoration is put off the more damage has time to grow. It will not just stop at the level you leave it at, there will likely be holes that allow weather in, water to clean up before it molds, and smoke to remove before in seeps through the entire building. 


Make a few phone calls on day one to save a lot of money and hassle in the future. Each moment matters after the event when it comes to saving what is left of the building. We can communicate with insurance companies, and accept most insurances. We will help you every step of the way so you can return to normalcy as fast as possible.



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Call CCS Cleaning & Restoration for emergency fire or flood restoration services. We will respond quickly to emergency calls. If you do not have an immediate emergency like a fire or flood, but would like professional deep cleaning contact us for a free estimate on carpet, upholstery, furniture, tile, grout, and pet stain professional cleaning.


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