Summer is full of R&R for the kids, family fun, and opportunities to make new memories. Unfortunately it is also the time when your carpet gets punished over and over with muddy feet, increased traffic, and often reduced vacuuming in the midst of all of the summer chaos.

Now that the kids are back in school, it may be time to get a professional carpet cleaning to restore your home to its pre-summer state of order. A professional rug cleaning is good for the life of the carpet because it removes dirt, oil, and debris that will eventually wear the pile of the carpet down to the point of being unable to fluff back up with vacuuming.


Sit Back and Let Us Restore Your Home to Its Pre-Summer Beauty.

We can come in and deep clean your carpet in one morning or afternoon. If you make it a tradition to get the carpet deep cleaned annually during events such as the start of a new school year it will be easier to remember the last time you had the carpet deep cleaned. If you have pets you may want to consider getting the carpet professionally cleaned twice a year to further reduce allergens. Whether you choose once or twice a year, chose a time you will be able to remember and associate with deep cleaning. Some people make it a point to get their carpet cleaned right before having a baby to prepare the home, then their yearly carpet cleaning date falls around the child's birthday. If you have ever tried to clean juice or birthday cake from a carpet, you know this is actually rather genius. Planning your annual carpet deep cleaning in association with the start of the school year means a nice home in time for fall celebrations, and the date is easy to remember.

At CCS Restoration Services we do professional cleaning in Lakeville and surrounding areas. From carpet, to drapes, to furniture, even disaster remediation we have the equipment and experience to handle any clean up job you need. We will restore your home back to beautiful quickly.

After your carpet has been cleaned by professionals, you can sit back in a clean house and enjoy the peace that comes when the kids are all back in school and busy each day. There is nothing like a deep home cleaning to set the tone for a change in life. Ask about our other cleaning services when you call to schedule your professional carpet cleaning in Faribault and the surrounding areas. We can help you get your whole house shiny and new looking. We have the equipment and experience to clean tile and grout, oriental rugs, leather furniture, pet odors, and full house cleaning services.

We Can Handle The Worst Messes

If an emergency happens we are fully qualified and have all of the industrial equipment to handle the worst. From floods, to fires we have cleaned up after it all and we know the steps to take to insure that your home does not suffer structural damage after a traumatic event. We will remove the water quickly and completely after a flood and dry out every single cavity of your home with professional air movers. There are a great deal of things to worry about after a flood or fire, let us handle the clean up so you can focus on what is important.

We have been Cleaning the Twin Cities and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in fast, professional, proficient service. If you have any area in your home or business that needs a professional hand, contact us for fast service and fair prices.

Contact us today and we will handle your mess.

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