After an unexpected event such as a flood or fire, things can seem like they will never be restored to normal. However we can make things better than they were before, in less time than you may expect.


Flood CleanUp


A CCS Restoration Services, we know that during an emergency and the time following the event is stressful. We have worked the worst flood and water cleanup jobs, and we can take your catastrophe and turn it into order again with professional equipment and over 25 years of experience.


Flood cleanup consists of first removing every bit of the water with industrial pumps. After the standing water is removed quickly, air movers and wall cavities dryers are put in place to make sure that there are no hidden pockets of moisture. Time is important because the longer the water stands, the higher the risk for mold and structural damage.


Water Clean Up


A wet basement is a creepy cliche in horror stories, however there are much worse things to worry about from a dripping dank area than monsters. Mold can set in fast in a wet dark area, effecting the health of the entire family. We clean every area that is effected by a flood completely.


Call CCS Restoration Services if you are in need of fast water or fire cleanup. We can handle your emergency 24/7 so your life can return to normal fast.


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