If cleaning the grout and tile in your kitchen, bathrooms, mudroom, or pool area seems overwhelming delegate the task to the professionals.

Did you know that improperly cleaning tiles can actually damage them? When you hire someone to come into your home and clean make sure they are professionals who know how to go about the job, and that they understand what chemicals should and should not be used. Harsh chemicals can sometimes be a useful go to for efficient and permanent mold removal. However when it comes to cleaning tiles and grout we know that some chemicals can cause staining, fading, scratching on the tile, and can weaken the grout. The professionals at Carriage Cleaning Service will efficiently clean your tile and grout to perfection using techniques and materials proven to keep the integrity of the tile and grout intact.


Tile Cleaning Services

We Will Perfect Problem Areas

For the tough jobs around the house we offer quality professional cleaning in Lakeville. Do not tackle that mudroom after a summer of daily use, let us come in and clean it professionally from top to bottom. A deep grout cleaning should be done at least once a year, let us come in remove the dingy stains between the tiles in high traffic areas. We can deep clean your carpet to improve the pile, appearance, and odor before your family spends more time indoors as the weather changes. Any area in your home that you have been meaning to get to, can be perfected by our team quickly.

Halt Mold Growth

Removing mold once is starts to grow requires more than simply wiping the area down. First the source of the mold needs to be established. Is there a drip under a sink? Too much humidity from an inefficient exhaust fan? A leaky pipe? After stopping the source of the moisture the mold must be removed. Sometimes this will mean changing a piece of drywall, and sometimes it is as simple as a deep grout and tile cleaning. Killing mold off entirely takes removing the cause, and also chemicals. We have chemicals that are harsh on mold and kind to grout and tiles. Getting rid of mold is serious business but we are experienced with mold removal and we will not allow your little mold problem to turn into an overwhelming issue.


No Job is Too Big

With the recent flooding and wet season, many people are complaining about muddy carpet and even flooded areas in the home. If you have a flooded basement, a mud tracked carpet, or even silt, mud and flood debris in your home we can help. We offer full flood restoration services including water removal, industrial drying, mold remediation, and upholstery cleaning, and removal of debris and ruined objects. If your home is overwhelming call us for a complete professional remediation and cleaning. Remember that when it comes to water, time matters due to mold growth and structural damage. We have professional equipment to pump out all water, detect hidden water, and dry every single corner of your home including between walls and underneath carpet, leaving no areas for mold growth.

Contact CCS Cleaning & Restoration for a free estimate. We can come in and take on your dreaded task while you relax or focus on more interesting pursuits. The most overwhelming household chore is just another day on the job for the pros at CCS, so let us take a load off of your shoulders this fall. We accept credit and debit cards, and we work with insurance companies for flood and fire restoration projects.