Thanksgiving guests are what the season is all about. What would the family holiday be without a relative or two tracking in mud or an unexpected spill here and there? Instead of stressing about your furniture, or carpet when you could be enjoying holiday company, go ahead and schedule your piece of mind. Plan ahead for a professional post-Thanksgiving cleaning.


We can come in and restore your home to the pre-holiday condition or even better, so when things get sticky you can relax and know that the stains will not be permanent. We have experience removing the most notorious stains. Red wine, grape juice, oils, stomped in dirt, even ink, or blood, no matter the stain your carpet and upholstery receives this season, we have experience and can likely restore your home to pristine.

You Deserve a Thorough Professional Cleaning

Pulling off a perfect holiday meal and bringing together a family is more work than most guests realize. And if you are the host, most of that work will fall on your shoulders. Reward yourself after it is all said and done with a thorough professional cleaning. We can come in while you relax and recoup and bring your house to perfection. With CCS Cleaning & Restoration, a professional cleaning in Faribault or Lakeville is easy to schedule.

Floors and Carpets can Look Better Than Ever

Professional carpet cleaning after Thanksgiving foot traffic will improve the pile and prolong the life of your carpet. Traffic and debris can get embedded into the fibers and can be difficult to remove with vacuuming alone. After heavy traffic,we can come in and improve your carpet quickly.


Deep floor cleaning is important for carpets because the pile can be permanently crushed and the life of your carpet will be reduced due to the debris and oils your vacuumed cannot reach. Professional carpet cleaning at least once a year will prolong the life of your carpet by removing all of the oils and dirt that vacuuming leaves behind.

If you have stained grout, or dingy hard surfaces we will come in a use our professional equipment to clean the grout and flooring materials without harming the flooring material at all. You may not realize how dirty your floors are until the pros come in and remove all of the layer of grime completely.

After Thanksgiving is the Perfect Time for Deep Upholstery Cleaning

Revamp your couch, drapes, and other furniture after Thanksgiving to remove any dander, germs, and food stains and to prepare for any upcoming Christmas company. Deep upholstery cleaning will remove odors as well, so no matter what the season throws your way everything can be restored with professional cleaning services.

Get into the Cracks and Crevices with a Professional Kitchen Cleaning

After Thanksgiving, cleanup can seem overwhelming. But it does not have to be. We can come in and deep clean every corner of your kitchen, so no hidden crumbs remain after your Thanksgiving feast. A kitchen that looks better than ever, is a great reward after Thanksgiving.


One deep clean, will make your life easier for months. A deep clean that perfects everything will make daily maintenance easy and much more effective.


If you are feeling overwhelmed about after Thanksgiving cleanup, if you want to enjoy the next day getting Black Friday deals, or if you want to simply reward yourself after working so hard to prepare the meal, contact us today to schedule an appointment and we will revamp your house no matter how rowdy your relatives. We offer free estimates, so call us today for professional cleaning and restoration services for any issue in your home.