It seems like we picked up right where we left off from last winter. Cold, snowy and icy. Minnesotans went from bagging leaves to buying shovels and salt. November in Minnesota hasn’t been a warm one to say the least and it looks like the cold is here to stay. We can cross our fingers for a warm week or two to melt the snow and give us hope that summer will come again someday.

Picture of dog in winter

One of the problems we see this time of year are pet stains. When the weather gets cold your animals spend less time outside and that means less time to use their version of a bathroom.  When dogs or cats spend less time outside they are more likely to have an accident inside the home. It’s unfortunate and can be pretty tough to get fully clean. Depending on the breed, type of food, sex and other factors urine stains can be more intense than others. Some urine stains cannot be fully removed unfortunately! It’s still a good idea to have the area cleaned for sanitary reasons even if we cannot fully remove the stain. Our team is fully trained to remove pet odor stains whenever possible and we have a lot of experience doing it over the years. 

Many of our customers call us after they try to clean up a large pet accident because they just can’t get the odor to go away or the stain is still there. If you think the stain is more that you can handle give CCS Cleaning and Restoration a call. We are trained for this sort of thing and have all the tools, training and cleaning products needed get the mess cleaned up and back to pre-accident condition.  

Pet StainsMany of us love our animals like our children. We do too. Unfortunately toilettes are not made for our dogs and cats. We do love those home videos of animals that are trained to use human bathrooms but we don’t expect you to have animals that talented!  But in all seriousness, we know your beloved pets are pent up and may have an accident from time to time during the colder months of the year. Those accidents smell and look terrible. If you think your efforts to get the stain and smell to go away are not working we can certainly help. Our staff has seen it all and has the experience to know how to best treat the various materials in your home to get as much of the stain and smell lifted without ruining the fabric and materials your carpets, rugs and upholstery is made from. We find most people do more harm than good to their fabrics due to not knowing exactly how to clean it. So leave the dirty work to CCS Cleaning and Restoration.  We will be happy to get those pet stains taken care of and help you keep your rugs and furniture instead of tossing them out. 

Give us a call today or request a quote and we will tackle that pet stain in no time!