Picture of person cleaning mildewPerhaps you think only homes that are dirty have mildew and mold. Your home is clean. Certainly your home will never have this problem? Right? Wrong.

Every home can develop mildew and mold. The airborne spores of these fungi are present almost everywhere. It only takes the right conditions for these spores to grow into an unattractive and dangerous issue.

The Dangers of Mildew and Mold to Your Health.

While most people are aware that mold and mildew is bad for their health, many do not fully realize the extent of the health risks. Breathing in mildew and mold can cause serious health consequences, especially for young children and the elderly.

  • Some of the health problems associated with living in a home with mold, are:

  1. coughs;
  2. sneezing;
  3. headaches;
  4. sore throats;
  5. allergic reactions;
  6. sinus infections;
  7. Bronchitis, and
  8. Pneumonia.


What Causes Mold and Mildew in Your Home?

Excessive water damage is the major cause of mold and mildew in the home, but even if your home has not experienced plumbing issues or flooding, it may have mold or mildew. Mildew and mold can begin to grow wherever there is an excessive amount of moisture and heat in the air. Some of the most common problem areas in the home include:

  1. Bathrooms;
  2. Basements;
  3. Saunas and steam rooms;
  4. Laundry rooms, and
  5. Greenhouses.


Mold Removal / Cleaning / Remediation

The best way to treat a mold and mildew problem in your home is before it happens. It is healthier, easier and cheaper to prevent the growth of these fungi than to correct the problem. Since the main cause of the problem is the combination of moisture and heat, eliminating either of these causes can help stop problems from forming in the first place. To help prevent a problem in your home, remember to:

  1. dry showers and saunas immediately after use;
  2. keep carpet and rugs dry;
  3. use an air purifier;
  4. reduce the humidity in your home, and
  5. take care of leaks and flooding damage as soon as possible.


If your home already has mold or mildew, it is possible to treat some problems yourself. Smaller areas of growth are easily treated with cleaning products specially formulated to help kill mold and mildew. Read the instructions of these products carefully, and always wear a mask while using these chemicals, since many are harmful to your health.

Homes with a large problem area need full remediation from specialists. This is the best solution if you are worried about unseen mold. A mold removal/cleaning/remediation professional will make sure your home is mold-free and help you to find ways to prevent further problems.

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