Carpet CleaningHaving your carpets and upholstery professionally steam-cleaned keeps them looking great and helps extend their lifespan. With so many retail cleaning machines on the market today, many homeowners are misled into thinking they can achieve the same kind of results using one of these machines that they would receive with a professional steam cleaning. The following information explains each basic step of the process and details the reasons why a commercial-grade machine is far superior to a retail machine.


While waiting for the pros to arrive, vacuum your carpets to remove all leftover traces of dirt, crumbs, debris and hair because steam machines are not designed to pick up loose pieces of dirt.


Before the cleaning begins, a pretreatment solution can be applied to spots and stains that need a little extra attention, such as areas that require pet urine cleaning. This solution is also effective when used in high-traffic areas of your home.

Three-Step Cleaning Process

Professional carpet cleaning is performed in three basic steps:

  1. Water Injection
  2. Agitation
  3. Extraction

During each step, there are specific reasons why the commercial-grade equipment used by a professional carpet cleaning company is superior to a retail cleaning machine intended for personal use.

First Step: Water Injection

The first stage involves injecting extremely hot water into your carpet and upholstery fibers at a high speed. Using a commercial-grade machine, the water can be heated to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit which is important for killing bacteria and hidden organisms lurking in the fibers. Most retail cleaning machines are unable to heat the water to a temperature that's hot enough to achieve the same results as a professional machine.

Second Step: Agitation

During the agitation stage, the powerful rotary extraction machine used by a professional cleaning company will scrub away stubborn dirt hiding within the fibers. The manual cleaning wand of a retail carpet cleaning machine lacks the power to scrub your carpets and upholstery as effectively as a commercial-grade machine.

Third Step: Extraction

All of the dirty water must be extracted from the fibers. It’s important to use a machine with high-powered suction to remove most of the water so the fibers dry quickly. Plus, if traces of the pretreatment solution are left within the wet fibers, your carpets will attract dirt again much faster than they should. You just won’t get the level of suction necessary to effectively extract most of the water with a retail carpet cleaning machine.

Although there are additional services available for your carpet cleaning, these three steps provide a broad overview of the process. As you can see, a retail machine is no match for the high-quality commercial-grade machine used by a professional carpet cleaning company.

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