Fire DamageExperiencing a fire in your home is one of the most stressful situations any homeowner can experience. Even when the flames are out, the damage left behind from the fire, smoke and water damage is devastating. The challenge of restoring your home after a house fire may seem impossible, but it is not. If you have suffered a home fire, contacting a professional fire remediation company is one of the first steps to getting your life back to normal.

What can professional fire remediation do for me?

Fire damage specialists can get restore your home quicker than you think. They will take care of the mess, so you can concentrate on everything else you need to do.

When you call a professional fire remediation company, the company will:

  • Set up an appointment to visit your home as quickly as possible;
  • Assess the damage to your home to determine the best course of action, and
  • Provide an estimate of the cleanup cost.

Once you hire a specialist, he can get straight to work:

  • Securing the site to prevent theft and vandalism,
  • Handling water removal to prevent mold;
  • Removing destroyed furnishings from your home,
  • Restoring salvageable possessions;
  • Repairing soot and burn damage;
  • Eliminating and smoke odors;
  • Taking care of restoring your home's electricity, plumbing and gas needs, and
  • Helping you to deal with your insurance company and other fire-related paperwork.

What should you look for in a fire remediation company?

Helping homeowners recover from a fire is difficult. Make sure you hire a company with the experience and knowledge to do it correctly. Experienced fire remediation specialists will make sure all work is done correctly and according to your local building codes. Homeowners with fire damage want it repaired immediately, but hiring the wrong fire remediation company will make a terrible situation worse.

When choosing a company never feel too intimidated to ask questions about the past work they have performed. It is essential to make sure the company you hire has the experience in dealing with fire damage similar to yours. Be sure to inquiry if the company is properly licensed and insured. Always ask for references, and check them.

Hopefully you will never need the services of fire remediation specialists, but if you do, contact CCS for a free estimate

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