Professional Cleaning MinneapolisAfter a rental tenant moves out, you may discover “normal wear and tear” that includes leftover dirt, stains and odors on your property. Carriage Cleaners specializes in cleaning practices that effectively restore damaged rental property, without the need for costly replacements or risky stain-removal techniques.

Pet Cleaning

If your previous tenants had pets, you may be left with urine-stained carpets, pet hair and foul odors. Unfortunately, these types of odors and stains are usually very difficult to remove, resulting in the costly task of removing and replacing damaged carpets. However, before you automatically assume your pet-damaged flooring is a total loss, give Carriage Cleaners a call.

Carriage Cleaners utilizes cleaning techniques and equipment that can eliminate pet odors and remove stains, without the need for a costly flooring replacement. Let a professional cleaning technician assess the damage and review your options with you before you spend big bucks on new flooring.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Removing stubborn stains from flooring and wall tiles can be a tough job, especially if the damage has been neglected for too long. Before you attempt to clean badly stained tiles and grout yourself, it’s important to understand that many harsh chemical cleaners may actually cause more harm than good.  Grout erosion and tile surface damage are just two of the potential problems that arise when improper cleaning techniques and unsafe products are used on floor and wall tiles.

The tile & grout cleaning technicians at Carriage Cleaners employ stain removal methods that effectively strip away stubborn dirt and stains from your rental home, without compromising the safety of your property. Discuss your options with a professional before causing irreversible damage to your kitchen and bathroom tiles by attempting to fix the problem yourself.  

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Effectively removing deep-set stains from your rental property’s carpets and upholstery requires the use of professional-grade equipment. Although you may be tempted to rent a domestic cleaning machine to do the job yourself, keep in mind that most steam-cleaning machine rentals are ill-effective because the water is not hot enough to remove allergens and bacteria hiding deep within the fibers of carpets and upholstery. Additionally, domestic machines provide inferior water extraction, resulting in wetter carpets that require longer drying times.

Save yourself time and money by calling Carriage Cleaners before attempting to restore damaged rental property yourself. Our professional cleaning technicians possess the training, skills and equipment to get the job done quickly, safely and effectively.