Tile & Grout CleaningYour bathrooms are clean. You spray and mop until your tiles sparkle and your mirror are streak-free. You have spotless, healthy bathrooms, right? No. No matter how clean your bathroom looks, health risks hide on your tile and deep in the grout lines.


The dangers beyond dirt.

Homeowners have more to worry about than just a little dirt in the bathroom. The warm, moist environment is the perfect place for the growth of many harmful pathogens which can make you and your family ill. Some of the most common bacteria found in the grout lines of bathrooms are:


  • Streptococcus. The cause of your strep throat may be your bathroom tiles. Streptococcus is a bacteria which is commonly found in bathrooms. Besides strep throat, this bacteria can be a cause for toxic shock syndrome.
  • Campylobacter: Campylobacter infections can cause diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, painful abdominal cramping and nausea. Homeowners who keep their cat's litter box in the bathroom are particularly prone to having Campylobacter bacteria.
  • Salmonella: Often associated with eating undercooked chicken, Salmonella bacteria is also present in bathrooms. Salmonella infections can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and headaches.
  • Staphylococcus. Commonly know as staph infections, Staphlococcus causes serious illnesses including: skin diseases, tissue inflammation, pneumonia and serious heart complications.
  • Escherichia Coli. Normally known as E. Coli, Escherichia Coli is potentially life-threatening. It is also responsible for a number of serious illnesses, including urinary tract infections.

The first step to healthier and cleaner bathrooms is to clean on a regular basis and to make sure to keep your tiles dry. This is a great start, but often is not enough to completely eliminate health risks. It is a smart idea to get your tiles cleaned professionally. Professional tile cleaning gets deep into grout lines to kill more bacteria than any homeowners is able to remove using everyday tile cleaning solutions.


Professional tile cleaners have the equipment, cleaning supplies and the knowledge to fight bacteria without harming your tiles. Qualified tile specialists will reduce your risk of becoming sick in your own bathroom and make your tiles look better than they have in years. Tile professionals can remove stubborn stains and seal your grout lines to help protect against water damage and bacteria.


It makes sense to invest in the cleanliness of the rooms in your home where you are most exposed to bacteria. Hiring a professional tile cleaning service will make your family healthier.


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