carpet cleaningIf you are a homeowner with a child or a pet in the house, it's only a matter of time before something gets splattered on the carpet in your living room. Truthfully, even some adults are prone to have accidents from time to time. If you suddenly find yourself staring at a mess on a carpet in your home, you will want to act quickly to limit the damage. Here are 3 common causes of carpet stains and some tips on how to get them under control. For best results of course, you will want to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.



Red Wine

That party you had sure was fun... until the moment one of your guests had one too many drinks and dropped his or her wine on the floor. To treat a red wine stain, grab a thick towel and dab at it gently. Do not brush the towel harshly back and forth, this will actually rub the wine deeper into the carpet. Pro tip: Add just a dash of salt into the carpet, which can help absorb some of the liquid as it dries. If you are going to use soap or detergent, stick to something mild, and again, the key is to gently blot, not rub.



Anyone with a toddler knows to expect the unexpected. Like, for example, random projectile vomiting with no warning. If your child has let you know that his or her last meal did not sit right with them, take care of your kid first but then move on to the carpet. A touch of ammonia can work well on a vomit stain, just mix it with a good bit of water. Use it sparingly though as ammonia has a strong scent and you don't want to replace the stain with another lasting problem. Dab with a towel.


Pet Urine

If you have a bad dog or kitty on your hands, it's time to go rummaging through the cupboard and medicine cabinet for some emergency assistance. Hydrogen peroxide with a touch of baking soda is a decent home concoction you can brew up that will hopefully remove most of the stain. If the odor remains, try adding in some white vinegar.


If you have fallen victim one of the above stains on your carpet, it's understandable if despite your best efforts, the carpet still does not look like it did before the mishap. Luckily, the experts at CCS Cleaning & Restoration offer a professional carpet cleaning service that will leave your carpet looking like new. Located in Fairbuilt, MN, they have years of experience servicing Lakesville, Burnsville, Apple Valley and beyond. Contact CCS Cleaning & Restoration today to get your carpet looking like it did the day you moved in.

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