Flood Damage RestorationThere are few worse feelings for a homeowner than heading down to the basement and seeing a deluge of water taking over the room. If you find yourself in this position, you will want to act quickly to limit the damage. Here are three steps you should follow upon finding flooding in your basement.


Shut It Down

The first thing you should do if your basement is flooded is find out if water is still coming in. If the flood is due to something like a burst pipe in the winter, you will want to get over to your water shut off valve immediately. With that said, you should also be cautious. A wet, flooded basement brings the risk of electrical shock. If you can do so safely, also make sure you get to your breaker box and shut down power to the house. Once your water line is shut off and you are sure there is no potential of an electrical hazard, you can begin assessing the damage.


Document the Damage

Your homeowner's insurance will likely cover some of the damage from the flood. While your immediate concern might be to remove some salvageable personal items, don't get carried away. The longer you leave the water in your basement, the more potential there will be for structural damage. Instead of moving absolutely everything out of harm's way, grab a camera or smartphone and take photos of the flood and the damage that occurred. Call your insurer to see if there any additional steps you need to take.


Contact a Professional Clean Up and Restoration Company

If the basement has been flooded significantly, you may be dealing with a good deal of damage. It's important to get a professional contractor out to your home quickly before mildew and other problems can set in. If you live in Fairbuilt, MN or the surrounding area, you have a cleanup crew you can trust in CCS Cleaning & Restoration. CCS has years of experience with water removal and basement restoration following a flood. A professional cleanup crew can help alleviate a lot of the stress you might be feeling during this time. You're already worried sick about your lost personal items, so let someone else worry about the actual cleanup process for you.

A basement flood is a homeowner's worst nightmare. If you find yourself in this situation, your first order of business should be to shut off your home's power and main water line, if you can do so safely. You can take a little time to remove some personal items from harm's way, but make sure you document the full extent of the flood with pictures and contact your insurance company immediately. When it's time for clean up, contact CCS Cleaning & Restoration to get your basement looking like new as quickly as possible.