Carpet CleaningAre you looking for the right tenant for a house or apartment rental? If so, you may be challenged to clean up a previous tenant’s mess while preparing the property for habitation by a new tenant. The following guide explains how a professional cleaning service can help you get your vacant home ready for a new tenant.

Pet Cleaning

If the previous tenant had indoor pets, it's very difficult to remove deeply embedded stains and odors from the home's carpeting. In order to attract the right tenant to your rental home, you have two choices: either replace the carpet or remove odors and stains from the existing carpet.

To salvage your carpet, professional pet urine cleaning is necessary to prevent unpleasant odors from traveling throughout the entire home and turning off prospective tenants. In addition, if your new tenant also has a pet, the leftover pet odors from your previous tenant may lead to repeat accidents in the same spot by the new tenant’s pet.

A pet cleaning service utilizes specialized products that cause a chemical reaction deep within the carpet to remove pet stains and eliminate lingering odors for good. Successful pet cleaning often requires professional treatment because spot cleaning rarely works at removing stubborn pet odors.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout, the porous material used between tiles in a kitchen or bath, becomes discolored after months (or even years) of grime and dirt build-up. Scrubbing the tiles by hand is grueling work that ineffectively removes all of the dirt hidden deep within the grout’s pores. To restore your tiling to its original luster, a professional tile and grout cleaning service is often necessary. Commercial cleaning equipment, designed specifically for this purpose, makes the chore of tile and grout cleaning so much easier. A skilled cleaning technician can effectively extract all of the dirt from deep within the grout’s pores using high-pressure, steam-cleaning equipment.

Carpet Cleaning

When you’re trying to attract the right tenant to your rental home, the carpeting should be clean and fresh. You can attempt to do this yourself, but steam-cleaning rental machines often provide unpredictable performance, making the job much harder than it needs to be. In the long run, you’ll likely spend more time and money by trying to do the job yourself.

Allow Carriage Cleaners do the job right the first time. If you’re searching for a responsible tenant for your rental home, be a responsible landlord who provides a safe, clean and hygienic living environment from day one. Contact us at 507-334-1774.