Bathroom RemodelingWhen trying to sell a house, sellers often must deal with issues that can be fixed, as well as those that cannot. Luckily, soiled tiles and carpets can be fixed with just a little professional cleaning help. Before you open up your home to prospective buyers, make sure your home is looking its best by treating these fixable problems.

Sparkling Kitchen and Bath Tiles

Don’t let the condition of your kitchen or bath deter prospective buyers from your home because of dingy, stained grout. When grime builds up on the surface of your tiled walls and floors, the grout lines eventually become stained. This happens because dirt and soap scum work their way deep inside the pores of the grout.  You can try to clean dirty grout lines with a scrub brush, but this is a lot of work and usually only successfully removes grime resting on the surface.

Avoid the hassle and contact a Carriage Cleaners, we specialize in tile and grout cleaning. Our professionals will use equipment designed specifically for this type of heavy-duty job, leaving you with tiled surfaces that sparkle.

Carpets Free of Pollutants

As they say, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Give buyers a great first impression of your home with fresh, clean carpets. Even regular vacuuming cannot remove deep-set contaminants like dust mites, bacteria and mold growth. These pollutants hiding within your carpet fibers leave a stale, unpleasant odor inside the home, as well as cause allergy symptoms in some people.  

Professional steam cleaners are far superior to domestic cleaning machines for two main reasons: a commercial machine heats the water to a temperature that kills bacteria, and the machine’s powerful suction is strong enough to remove all the dirty water.

Pet Odors Gone for Good

If you have indoor pets, chances are good they’ve left an odor inside your home. Even if you don’t smell it yourself, prospective buyers will. A pet cleaning company can remove these unpleasant smells once and for all using specialized equipment and cleaning products. If your household pet had an accident on the rug at some point, you may have tried to remove it with a spot-cleaning treatment from the store. Unfortunately, these spot treatments usually work okay on the surface, but they don’t remove the contaminants hiding deep within the fibers of your carpet.


Don't miss out on a potential sale because your carpeted and tiled surfaces aren’t in prime condition. Contact a Carriage Cleaning at 507-334-1774 today to get your home looking and smelling great before you sell.