If you own a pet, or you have renters who lived in your home with a pet, you may notice that your home can start to smell. This is especially true when it starts to heat up. You may smell pet urine in your home or it can smell like wet dog. Pets roll around in your carpet, their scent gets in the air and they have accidents from time to time. All of these things can leave your home marked with the tell-tale scent of a cat or dog. However, it does not have to be this way. A professional can do pet odor cleanup, helping to remove any scents in your home. This is perfect if you are trying to sell a home a pet has lived in, renting out a home a pet has lived in, or just need to freshen up your home so it smells like a home and not a kennel. Here are the steps that are involved when a professional does pet odor cleanup.


Deep Carpet Cleaning

When pet odor cleaning is done, the carpets are deep cleaned. This helps to remove any set in urine spots or stains left behind by vomit. A professional uses a hot water extraction process to pull urine and scents out of the carpet and the padding. And in most cases, an enzyme-based cleaner is used. This helps to further remove the scents and odors associated with pet bodily fluids, while ensuring the animals does not remark their territory.


Deodorizing the Walls

Most people do not realize it, but drywall can absorb odors. As such, the walls need to be deodorized when doing pet odor cleanup. If this step is not done, the house may have a pet-like odor that is hard to pinpoint. Deodorizing the walls helps to remove this scent, but it can be time consuming.


Vent and Ductwork Cleaning

The last part of the pet odor cleanup process is cleaning the vents and ductwork. Dirt, dander and odors can live in your vents and ductwork. If these areas are not cleaned, the odors will cycle through your home as you run your air conditioner or heater. Cleaning them helps to remove this scent. 


Pets can leave odors behind that can make it obvious that a pet has been or is residing in a home. If you want to eliminate this smell, we at CCS Cleaning and Restoration can help. We are professional cleaners with experience cleaning residential, commercial and industrial spaces. We offer a variety of cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, pet odor removal, leather cleaning, upholstery  cleaning, fire damage cleaning, mold remediation, tile cleaning and water clean up services in the Fairbult, Lakeville, Burnsville, Apple Valley and Prior Lake, MN area. Contact us today to get a free quote or to learn more about our cleaning services.