Like all furniture pieces, your leather surfaces need to be cleaned. Whether you’re the proud owner of a leather couch, sofa or love seat, you’d be wise to treat your materials with care. Leather might seem durable, but it can be ruined if it isn’t attended to properly. To make sure your furniture is long-lasting, clean and smooth, check out the following tips.


Tip One: Moisturize with Soap and Water


It’s a basic cleaning procedure. Mix some Dove soap and water. Then, wet a wash cloth, apply the mixture and scrub the stain out. By buffing the water away gently, you can ensure a quick, clean session. Soap and water, in small doses, is a highly reliable route to ensure a fully cleaned couch.


Tip Two: Apply Vinegar and Olive Oil


Vinegar alone is considered to be a miracle cleaner. When mixed evenly with extra virgin olive oil—and a couple drops of lemon essential oil—it can be a one-size-fits-all tool to clean your leather. Apply the mixture to a cleaning cloth, and rub the stain with a small motion. Before long, your leather will shine.


Tip Three: Use Baby Wipes


Really, it’s that simple. Baby wipes are gentle, and they’re effective cleaners when sensitive surfaces are involved. Whether you’re targeting gunk, dried food or even stains, baby wipes are always a reliable option.


Tip Four: Use the Vacuum


If you’re dealing with crumbs, dust and dirt, stay away from damp cleaning methods. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner. First, remove your couch’s cushions. Then, vacuum inside all of the crevices. You’ll be able to target most of the debris. If any stains exist, put away the vacuum and use another method to continue.


Tip Five: A Commercial Leather Cleaner


Sometimes, commercial options work best. A store-bought leather cleaner is a solid choice, and it can keep your leather surfaces in tip-top shape. Call your manufacturer, and ask them about their recommended brand. These products have in-depth instructions, so you needn’t worry about overuse—or even misuse.


Often, everyday household products can do the trick. Get creative, and consider your household materials before turning to harsh chemicals. If all else fails, pick up a recommended commercial leather cleaning product. Your leather surfaces age over time, but you shouldn’t consider them a lost cause. Even if they’re taking on a lot of stains, you can fight back with a solid collection of products. Take it slow, use simple products and protect your living area’s look. Give us a call with any and all of your cleaning questions!