Mold is one of the worst nightmares that a homeowner can encounter.  Mold can seemingly appear from nowhere and is not easy to remove.  Mold needs damp environments to grow, and a warm humid environment will accelerate mold growth. Mold looks disgusting and can be a real hazard to your health.  Many homes in Minnesota have unknown mold problems that cause mold related health problems to the inhabitants. Mold cleanup is necessary to eliminate the mold spores from the air of the home.

Mold Damage

Mold Cleanup and Removal is no simple task

Mold Remediation is the industry term for killing the mold, eliminating the spores, and changing the conditions that allow for the mold to grow. The mold remediation experts at CCS Cleaning & Restoration are your best local resource for mold removal in the southern metro area down to the southern areas of the state.

CCS Cleaning & Restoration is a professional mold remediation company in Minnesota.

CCS Cleaning & Restoration has the expertise to manage your mold removal project. Our team of dedicated workers understand the threat that mold presents to your health and the health of anyone else in your home. We will arrive on site ready to dry the area, sanitize, and restore the property to a pre-contaminated condition.

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