It is recommended that you clean your sofa, loveseat or other upholstered pieces of furniture routinely. This helps to not only remove stains, but gets rid of dirt, dust and dander that you may not be able to see. While there are products on the market that help you clean these items yourself, they are not as effective at cleaning your pieces and can cause the fabric to fade. As such, it is strongly recommended that you use a professional upholstery cleaning professional to deep clean your furniture. If you have never had these items cleaned, you may be curious as to how upholstery cleaning is done. Here are the four steps that a professional follows when cleaning these items.


Spot Treating

The first thing that a cleaning professional will do when cleaning your upholstered items is to spot treat the item. This is done to remove tough or set in stains. Think of this like cleaning a carpet. A professional carpet cleaner will walk around and treat stains and high traffic areas. This is the same with furniture.


Deep Cleaning

Once spot treating is done, the regular deep cleaning process begins. While there are a few different methods that are used to clean upholstery, the most common is hot water extraction. A special upholstery cleaner is filled with solvents and hot water, much like a hot water extraction carpet cleaner. The solvents and hot water go into the furniture and are then sucked up, removing dirt and dust while killing germs and bacteria. This is repeated until the entire exterior surface of the item is cleaned.


Applying a Stain Guard

If desired, a stain guard is applied after deep cleaning is done. A stain guard helps to protect the fibers against spills and stains in the future. Deep cleaning causes your existing stain guard to wear down, as does time and exposure to the elements. As such, a new stain guard will need to be applied periodically if you opt for this type of protection.



The last step in upholstery cleaning is allowing the upholstered piece to dry. Most upholstery cleaners use dry cleaning solvents. These products can smell until they dry. Because of this, you will want to keep all of the windows open until the furniture is completely dry. Also run fans in your house to help circulate air and help the piece dry faster. Lastly, stay off of the piece of furniture until it is completely dry or you could stain it while it is wet.


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