Minnesota weather can bring quite the variety of extremes. Some days it’s sunny and beautiful while the next day we are experiencing a massing thunderstorm. Making sure your home is prepared for a variety of weather conditions is important. That's why Carriage Cleaners is here to help, and our water damage restoration services can revitalize your home in little time. You should, however, protect your home before it gets damaged. While Carriage Cleaners can restore your home, you can make sure it’s safeguarded from extreme harm. Check out these pre-storm preparation tips, and keep the water where it belongs—outside.


Protect the Roof

If you’re expecting a downpour, double-check your roof. Look for cracks along the ridge, and inspect the area where your shingles form caps. Inspect your roof’s valleys, and make sure your roof’s sheet metal flashing doesn’t have any rusty spots.


Check the Doors and Windows

Next, you should make sure your doors and windows are properly closed, sealed and protected. Even broken locks are at risk. Doors are particularly susceptible to water, and their damages are, unfortunately, not often noticed.


Inspect the Gutters

Your home’s gutters are essential rainfall protection tools. They collect water, funneling it away from your home’s foundation. If they’re damaged, however, water can penetrate your home’s woodwork. Make sure your gutters are up to par. Otherwise, you might experience condensation, mold and long-term damages.


Repair Any Siding Damage

If your home’s siding is cracked, indented or otherwise damaged, you’ll need to seal it. Use clear or paintable caulk, and give the area enough time to dry. Damaged siding can expose a home’s inner materials, and rainfall can collect within a home’s foundation. Even if your broken siding is protected by an overhang, immediate repairs are necessary.


Buy a Sump Pump

If you’re expecting interior flooding, pick up a sump pump. You can either rent or buy them, and you can use them as needed. Make sure it’s properly stored, however, and keep it packed away until it’s needed. As with household appliances, a sump pump can be damaged by water.


Make Sure the Drains are Working

Your home’s drains might overflow if they’re not secure. Make sure any drains beyond your window wells, stairwells and egress exist work properly. To make sure they’re working, connect them to your sump pump. Then, slowly pour water into the drains. Make sure the drain line is clear of debris, and remove any materials blocking the flow.


Once you’ve prepped your home, contact Carriage Cleaners for more information about water damage restoration. Even if you’re not expecting long-term damages, you should still be prepared. We’ve assisted homeowners for years, and we’re ready to assist with any interior water damage. Request an estimate today by visiting us online or giving us a call at 507-334-1774.