Pets are wonderful, except for what they can do to our home. If you've noticed that your home has a constant odor, it's likely that the smell of your pets has seeped into your upholstery and rugs. The only way to resolve this is often to invest in professional cleaning, though there are some things that you can try first.


Make Sure to Vacuum As Frequently As Possible

Vacuuming isn't just good for your home's cleanliness; it's good for the condition of your upholstery and rugs as well. The more frequently you vacuum, the better condition your upholstery and rugs will be in. This is because dust particles and dander weave into fibers, rubbing against them and causing them to unravel. Ultimately this causes them to also absorb more dirt and more odor.


Clean Pet Stains With an Enzymatic Cleaning Solution

Enzymatic cleaners are designed to break up pet stains on a chemical level without damaging rugs or fabric. These cleaners will break down the source of the odors and remove visible staining, without the need to agitate or potentially damage your fabric. These cleaning solutions should always be fully saturated into a stain and blotted (sometimes repeatedly) as quickly as possible after the stain has occurred.


Avoid Some Common Cleaning Solutions

There are powders that are designed to deodorize your home; you sprinkle them on and then vacuum them up. Though they may work temporarily, they tend to be fairly bad for your home and your vacuum. Over time, they damage your rugs and upholstery by causing them to absorb more dust and dirt and they can jam up your vacuum's motor quite easily. It's better to invest in a carpet washing machine and to use the right washing solution.


Though all of these options may be able to reduce the odor in your home, it's truly a professional cleaning that may be necessary if you want to remove pet odor. Professional cleaning goes much deeper into your upholstery and your rugs than at-home methods can, and can completely break down stains with commercial cleaning solutions. Otherwise, the stains may simply re emerge and the smells may linger. Carriage Cleaners provides professional cleaning services for all types of odor and stains, contact Carriage Cleaners today to find out more and to get a free quote by calling 507-334-1774.