Dust, dirt, and even mold spores could be infiltrating your home causing allergies, asthma, or a lowered immune system. Even for healthy adults, this could have a significant impact on comfort. But what can you do if the air quality in your home is poor?


How Can You Test the Air Quality of Your Home?

You can't always tell that the air quality in your home is bad. Though a home may have a musty odor, it also may not; there are some allergens and infiltrates that are entirely scentless. To test the air quality of your home there are professional and at home tests, though the professional tests tend to be far more accurate. All homes have some level of air pollution, but the test will determine whether it's in acceptable levels.


What Impacts the Air Quality of Your Home?

●      Dirty dust filters and vents. An HVAC system is one of the leading causes of poor air quality. All of the air within a home generally circulates within the HVAC system, which includes filters, ducts, and returns. Cleaning out this system is one of the easiest ways to improve air quality... as is changing the filters more frequently.

●      Carpets and carpet padding. Over time, even the most carefully cared for carpets and carpet padding will collect dust and dirt. This can be even worse if a home contains pets. A professional cleaning is often needed to clean all the way through the carpet and down to the sub-floor.

●      Old upholstery, mattresses, and couches. Upholstery, mattresses, and couches experience the same issues as carpets -- they collect dust even with the best of cleaning. They often need to be professionally washed to get all of the dirt out of them, including skin flakes and dander.

●      Fire or flood damage. When a fire or flood occurs, air quality is often damaged. Fire causes smoke damage, which has to be removed by either professional cleaners or restoration companies. Flood can eventually cause mold and mildew, which could even end up being toxic.


How Can You Improve Your Air Quality?

Better air filters, humidity controls, and regular professional cleaning are often the best way to improve upon air quality. Air quality is something that has to be managed consistently, as it will become worse over time as a home collects dust and dirt. Better vacuums, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and seasonal air duct maintenance should all be part of the regular check list in addition to air quality testing if you feel that your air quality may be poor.

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