Here at Carriage Cleaning & Restoration, one of the questions that we are often asked is whether pet urine can really be removed from a carpet. If someone lived in your home prior and you can smell where their cat spayed or if you have a puppy who has used your carpet instead of the grass, you may be looking to have the carpet professionally cleaned if it can be in order to salvage the carpet. Here is some information you should know about whether or not pet urine can really be removed from a carpet.


Can Pet Urine and Stains Really Be Removed From a Carpet?

Pet urine and stains can be removed from a carpet. However, this is not a process that you can complete on your own. The average person does not have the correct chemicals and extraction tools to completely remove pet urine and stains. If you attempt to clean the carpet using regular carpet cleaning methods and fail to remove the odor and stains, you can actually cause them to become more set in than before. As such, it is always best to leave this job to a professional from the get-go.


How is Pet Urine and Stains Removed From a Carpet?

The first step in pet urine and stain removal is to treat the affected area of the carpet. A special chemical is sprayed on the area that helps to eat away at the urine and bacteria. This helps to remove both the stain and the scent. Hot water extraction is then used. This helps to remove any urine that remains. Hot water extraction removes it from both the fibers of the carpet and the carpet padding. After the extraction, a spray will be used once more to ensure the urine is removed. The carpet then needs to dry fully.


Does Pet Urine and Stain Removal Always Work?

Unfortunately, pet urine and stain removal are not always effective. If the stains have been unsuccessfully treated in the past, if the staining is substantial and all over, if the stains are old, or if your carpet is showing signs of deterioration due to the urine, such as seam separation or the fibers wearing down, pet urine removal may not work.


How Can Pet Stains Be Removed From a Carpet?

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