The holiday season can be a busy time of year. You may be baking, shopping, wrapping presents and attending parties and get-togethers. Unfortunately, this may not leave you very much time to clean your home. If you are hosting a party, meal or gift exchange at your home this holiday season, Carriage Cleaning Service can take some of the burdens off of you and get your home clean for your guests. Here are a few of the cleaning services we offer that can help to get your home ready for the holidays.


Carpet Cleaning

When carpets are walked on, they begin to show signs of wear. They can get dirty and/or the fibers can get pushed down and matted. Both can make the carpets look older than they actually are and can even make it look like your carpet needs to be replaced when it may still have lots of life left in it. And you have pets, you may have stains on the carpet or smells emanating from accidents that your pet may have had. At Carriage Cleaning Services, we can deep clean your carpet, helping to remove dirt, dust, pet stains and odors from your carpet, making it look new to your guests.


Furniture Cleaning

Your furniture can collect dirt and dust that floats through the air. And as you sit on it, it also attracts skin cells and body oils. You may not realize it since the change gradually happens over time, but your sofa may be dirty. At Carriage Cleaning Services, we offer upholstery and furniture cleaning. This not only helps to remove stains, but helps to remove the dirt, dust and body oils that you may not see in the fibers. This helps to restore the item back to its original color and helps make it look as close to new as it possibly can.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

You may think that mopping removes dirt and debris from your tile and grout. But most are porous, meaning the dirt and dust is embedded deep inside. This can alter the color of both the tile and the grout and cause your tiles to look dull. At Carriage Cleaning Services, we can deep clean the tile and grout, restoring its color and sheen.


Fall is already here and before you know it, the holidays will be sneaking up on you. At Carriage Cleaning Services, we would love to help you get your Faribault, Lakeville, Burnsville, Apple Valley or Prior Lake, Minneapolis home sparkling clean for your holiday parties and dinners or for those guests who may be spending a few days with you to celebrate. We offer many cleaning services including carpet cleaning, upholstery and furniture cleaning, water damage clean up, mold removal and remediation, tile and grout cleaning and fire restoration. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your house cleaned before the holidays.