If you've got stained or damaged upholstery, you may still be able to replace it. Restoring upholstery isn't always difficult, it simply depends on exactly how the upholstery has been damaged. Professional upholstery cleaning can make a lot of furniture look brand new.


1.      What type of damage does it have?
If your upholstery has damage related to smoke, it's possible that a professional cleaning can help get the odors out. But if it has water damage the challenges are more significant. Not only will there need to be mold removal and mold remediation, but the water damage may have spread to the interior structure of the furnishing

2.      Do the stains "rise"?
If you clear off some of a stain, does it reappear? This is a sign that the stain has penetrated very deeply into the fabric. Though it may still be cleanable through professional means, it's likely that it's easier to replace it. On the other hand, if the stains do not rise, then cleaning is very likely to be successful. If the stain has already set and appears to have penetrated deeply into the furniture, cleaning is likely to be a significant challenge.

3.      Is there pet odor or pet damage?
Though pet odor can seem impossible to remove through conventional means, there are many professional formulas that can be used to reduce or completely mitigate them. Don't throw away your furniture just because your pets have had an accident -- there are likely ways to restore it.

4.      Is it made of the right material?
There are some materials that are simply more difficult to clean and restore than others. Many natural materials, such as wool and leather, will be a challenge to restore. Synthetic materials, like microfiber, can usually be fairly easily cleaned. But that doesn't mean that natural fibers can't be cleaned -- just that a professional is required to ensure that the furnishing does not stretch or warp.


Sometimes furniture is simply too far gone. If you find that stains continue to "rise" out of the furniture after cleaning -- or that there's an odor you just can't get rid of -- it might be time to just replace the furniture altogether. But for other less significant cleaning issues, upholstery cleaning can help. Contact CCS Cleaning & Restoration today to find out more about your options.