Nothing ruins the appearance of a clean kitchen or bathroom like dirty grout. It can often seem impossible to clean grout; though it starts off fresh and bright, over time, it collects dirt and gets stained. If you have colored grout, it can be even more difficult, as bleaching agents cannot be used. So how can you restore your grout and keep a clean and happy home?


Home Cleaning Remedies

●        Baking soda. Baking soda or other mild abrasives are often used to get down into grout -- the only caveat is that it does require hand cleaning. If you have stubborn stains or dirty areas on your grout, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to remove it.

●        Magic erasers. Magic erasers are also a gentle abrasive that can be used to clean grout, but they are disposable; you may go through dozens of erasers to clean the tile in a bathroom or a kitchen.


Power Washing Your Grout

A power washing machine can be used to quickly clean out stains in the grout. This is often necessary if stains have penetrated deep into the grout, such as pet stains, pet urine, or simply tracked in dirt. The catch is that a professional power washing machine will need to be rented -- and a power washing machine can be a challenge to use for those who haven't used one before. Power washing is one of the most effective ways of cleaning grout but should be done by a professional to avoid tile damage.


Repainting Your Grout

Grout can be repainted if it's a specific color or if a different appearance is desired. Repainting requires that the grout is completely cleaned off, dried, and then painted over with another color. This freshens your grout but may need to be done again in the future -- and the paint itself may come off in time.


Always Seal Your Grout

Every time you clean your grout, you need to seal your grout. Sealing grout prevents stains and liquids from penetrating it, thereby allowing your grout to appear like new for longer. Grout sealing should also be done once every few months, as the seal can wear off.


Hire Carriage Cleaning Services

Restoring grout without damaging it can be a challenge, as many abrasive techniques can also wear down the grout itself. If you have kitchen grout tile or bathroom grout tile that has to be restored, CCS Cleaning & Restoration can help. Contact CCS Cleaning & Restoration today to get a quote.