Leather is a difficult material to clean. If you improperly clean it, it can dry out and crack or it can become permanently stained, worn or discolored. But if you have leather furniture, there are times when you need to clean it due to stains or wear. When you need leather furniture cleaned, you should leave it to a professional, like us here at CCS Cleaning & Restoration. Here are the steps we follow when properly cleaning your leather furniture


Vacuuming the Leather Furniture

The first step in cleaning leather furniture is to thoroughly vacuum it. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made when cleaning leather is failing to properly remove dirt, dust and residue before getting it wet. If the leather is wet with these substances on them, they can stain or become embedded in the fibers. As such, it is imperative to properly remove dirt and dust, which is typically done through the use of a high-powered vacuum cleaner. 


Cleaning the Leather

The next step to cleaning the leather is using a minimal amount of water and a gentle leather cleaner to lift stains and spots, while also deep cleaning the fabric. This is typically done by hand using only a soft cloth. The exact type of leather cleaner that is used varies based on the age, condition and type of leather furniture you have. But this process requires a knowledgeable professional to not only use the right cleaning solvent, but also to find the right combination of cleaning without damaging the fibers. Once this is done, a slightly damp cloth is used to blot up excess soap residue from the chair. 


Moisturizing the Leather

After the piece of leather furniture has been cleaned, the leather will be conditioned or moisturized. Soap can strip leather of its natural oils. If this is done, leather can dry out and crack. Moisturizing and conditioning both help to restore the oils back into the piece of furniture to help ensure the longevity of the leather, while also keeping the piece supple and usable. 


Here at CCS Cleaning & Restoration, we offer a variety of cleaning services including leather and upholstery furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning, water damage, mold removal, cleaning and remediation, tile and grout cleaning, fire and smoke damage and restoration and pet urine and smell cleaning. If your home or furniture is in need of cleaning, give us a call today and let us help you get your home or furniture looking its best.