If you have tile installed in your home or business, you may think that it does not need professional cleaning. Many people are under the incorrect assumption that mopping tile floors alone gets them clean. However, just like carpet, tile flooring needs to be professionally cleaned from time to time. The frequency in which they need to be cleaned depends on the amount of foot traffic, type of tile and how dirty they get. Here are a few of the signs that your tile flooring needs to be professionally cleaned.


The Tile Looks Dull


One of the signs that your tile flooring may need to be professionally cleaned is that the tile looks dull. No matter how many times you mop, scrub or clean the tile, it lacks some of the shine and glossiness it had when the floor was first installed. Some people think that that is just from aging and wear, but that is not the case. The tile losses its shine and glossy appearance because it is dirty deep within its pores. Professional cleaning can help to restore the tile to its natural appearance.


The Tile is Discolored


Another of the tell-tale signs that your tile needs to be professionally cleaned is that the tile is discolored. Take an item that is hiding some of your tile, such as your fridge, and pull it out a little bit. Are the tiles hidden a different colored than your exposed tiles? If so, the tiles need to be cleaned. Dirt and debris can reside within the tiles pores causing them to become discolored. However, since it happens gradually, you may not even notice. Pulling an item out allows you to see this change and determine that your tiles need to be cleaned.


The Grout is Discolored


The last sign that your tile needs to be cleaned is that the grout, or the filler between your tiles, is dirty or discolored. If the grout is so dirty that it is discolored or dirty, the tile itself likely is as well. And when tiles are cleaned, grout is cleaned and vice versa. So if one needs to be cleaned, the other gets cleaned as well. If you think your tile may need professional cleaning, turn to the grout to possibly clue you in.



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