A professional carpet cleaning company may not be able to remove every stain or spot from your carpet. Some stains or spots simply will not lift. If a stain won't lift, you may think that you either have to live with the spot or replace your carpet. But in some cases, the stained portion of the carpet can be dyed to help disguise the stain and help it blend back in with the rest of your carpet. Here are a few of the factors that we at CCS Cleaning and Restoration look at when determining if your carpet can be spot dyed.


The Color of the Stain and Your Carpet


One of the most important factors that are looked at when determining whether spot dying can be done is the color of the stain and the color of your carpet. If a black ink pen stained your light beige carpet, there may not be a way to dye the area so that it matches because the ink color is so dark against the color of your carpet. But if bleach spilled on a blue carpet, the fibers may be able to be dyed blue again.


The Size of the Stain on Your Carpet


Another factor that is looked at when determining whether spot dying can be done is the size of the stain. If a stain is huge or there are multiple stains, you may be better off dying the entire carpet, rather than spot dying. Generally, the spot should be about the size of a half dollar or smaller for spot dying to be an option.


The Condition of Your Carpet


The last factor that is looked at when determining whether or not a stain can be spot dyed or not is the condition of your carpet. If the carpet is in poor condition or the fibers are fraying, staining may not be advised. The dye may not adhere properly or it simply may not be worth the money because the carpet is at the end of its lifespan.



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