Want to get the most out of your deposit? Many people make a mistake when they turn over their rental unit. They make it clean, but just clean to them. And that could be a costly mistake. Either you can get some items professionally cleaned, or you'll end up paying a premium for the landlord to do it instead. Here's a checklist of things that people most often miss.


●        Clean screen windows, screen doors, and baseboards. These are the areas that are most frequently missed by people, but they can accumulate dust very easily. Baseboards, in particular, tend to get stained and dirty over time. Professional cleaners will clean these areas.

●        Clean behind appliances. It may seem strange to pull out appliances and clean behind them, but that's what was done before you moved in. You may be surprised to discover exactly what has gotten under those appliances when you move them.

●        Have upholstery and drapery cleaned. If you smoke, have pets, or simply live in a dirty and dusty area, it's important to invest in some upholstery cleaning. Otherwise, the place is never going to smell "fresh." Drapes are also easy to clean, and it can make a significant difference.

●        Don't want to get charged for the carpets? It's not expensive to get a professional carpet cleaning, and it's something that's going to have to be done regardless before the next tenant moves in. If you don't get it done yourself, you'll probably still get charged for the cleaning.

●        Clean out the appliances. The refrigerator and the oven should both be spotless. There are many nooks and crannies in appliances that can end up getting dirty, and these will need to be fully professionally cleaned if you leave in even a little mess.

●        Walls and other surfaces. There are some areas that just aren't frequently cleaned, such as the walls. But take some time to wipe down all of the walls and other surfaces just before you leave, as there could be dust and staining you haven't noticed.


Finally, don't forget to get photos and videos before you turn your rental unit over, and attend the walkthrough with the landlord. That way you'll know if there are any issues before you get a bill. To get started on your rental checklist, contact the professional upholstery and carpet cleaners at Carriage Cleaning Service today.